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How to Enable or Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

WordPress update

We get regular updates from WordPress, themes and plugins. Those updates are essential to meet latest security threats and compatibility issues.

When an update arrives, we will be notified through WordPress dashboard. You can instantly update the core files or other parts with one click. If you are working on a busy schedule, may postpone it for a later time.

Sometimes, you may not be able to check the notifications and update the files in time. You are on a vacation and scheduled posts for next couple of days. In such a situation, it’s not necessary for you to check the dashboard always. The missed update may negatively affect certain parts of your website. So it’s better to enable automatic updates in your WordPress blog.

If you have activated the feature, the site will automatically be upgraded as soon as a core update arrives. The same thing will happen in the case of theme and plugins too. But unfortunately, WordPress is not providing this feature as default. We should go for third party solutions to enable or disable automatic update feature.

Update WordPress core files, themes and plugins automatically

Automatic Updates WordPress

Sign into your WordPress blog and open Plugins > Add New to install a new plugin. Search for ‘Easy Updates Manager’.¬†Install and activate the plugin.

It is a simple, lightweight plugin to manage all types of updates in single as well as multisite in WordPress. Easy Updates Manager empowers you to control entire updates in the site through endless opportunities of customization.

After activation, the plugin will add a new sub-level menu in your dashboard, Update Options where you can configure various kinds of updates.

Automatic Updates WordPress

The update settings span across five different tabs. Dashboard is the first where you can easily turn on or off each update.

The WordPress Updates box lets you enable or disable update in each part of the site- All updates, Core updates, Plugin updates, Theme updates and Translation updates.

Automatic update is the next. Here you can ask the plugin to automatically update core files, themes and plugins without your further intervention. If you are against the automatic update, choose Disabled option.

The third box will list all your installed plugins and themes. Turn on or off the update on each of them.

The Plugin and Theme Automatic Updates box is in a disabled mode by default. To make it active, you should choose Select Individually option in Automatic Plugin Updates/Automatic Theme Updates setting. Now you can enable automatic updates one by one with regards to plugins and themes.

WordPress will send periodic emails to the users on major core releases, critical security vulnerabilities etc. The last box lets you unsubscribe such emails. Leave it as default and you will get those emails as usual.

Tap General tab from the top to view the same and some other additional settings. Here you can change the notification email address, hide WordPress version from the footer etc.

Plugins and Themes tabs allow you to disable updates/automatic updates on each of them. In the last Advanced tab, you can exclude certain users from the setting, enable force automatic updates, logs and reset the plugin.

Download Easy Updates Manager