The 40+ Best Travel Apps for iOS and Android to Manage Your Trip

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travel apps

There was nothing impossible for Napoleon Bonaparte. He once said, “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” This quote is now suitable for mobile apps too.

We will get any app we want. Just search, it will list lots of apps that fit to our needs. Such mobile applications are useful for editing images, drawing or making free calls or book flight tickets, hotel rooms etc. Some others are more amazing. It can be used as mosquito repellent or flight tracker!

Apps are really helpful when we are going on a trip or flying abroad. From packing luggage to return back to the home, it will work. For flight/ hotel room/taxi reservation, managing trips, communicating in the languages that you are not familiar with, health advises or tracking local hospitals, we need an app nowadays.


Travel Apps

A good plan is a key part of success. You may be a good planner or a decision maker, but sometimes you may miss something. So do not take a chance, go through these apps that will manage your travel plans without any mistake.

1) TripIt

Use:  Just forward your travel confirmation emails to [email protected] and the app automagically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.

Platform: iOS |  Android | Free

2) WeatherPro

Use: Weather forecast for more than 2 million locations around the world.

Platform: iOS |  Android | Paid

3) PackingPro

Use: Packing list app with missed reminders.

Platform: iOS  | Free

4) LuggageChecklist

Use: Luggage checklist as the name indicates for android.

Platform: Android  | Free

5) TouristEye – Travel Guide

Use: Plan trips in an effective way, that covers more than 3,00,000 locations around the world with nearby recommendation feature and offline support.

Platform: iOS Android |  Free

Before leaving

Travel Apps

Did you reserve all tickets such as flights, rails or hotels, cabs in advance? If not, these apps will do it for you.

1) Kayak

Use: It is a smart app for best flight, hotel, car search, and booking.

Platform: iOS |  Android | Free

2) Booking

Use: Book hotels, villas, apartments, hostels in over 69,000 destinations.

Platform: iOS | Android | Free

3) Skyscanner

Use: Bring latest flight details at best deal price.

Platform: iOS |Android | Free

4) FlightTrack

Use: Real-time flight updates with push notifications, details of delays and even gate numbers.

Platform: iOS | Android |  Paid

5) Hipmunk

Use: To get lowest prices on hotels, flights.

Platform: iOS | Android | Free

6) Airbnb

Use: To book last minute accommodations in over 34,000 cities.

Platform: iOS Android  | Free

7) Flying

Use: Track flights with up to date information.

Platform: iOS  | Free

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