18 Best IFTTT Applets to Maximize Your Google Drive Productivity

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Google dive productivity

The cloud storage account has a unique importance in modern life. We use the service to store important documents, pictures, videos and back up the websites and devices. There are several cloud storage services including Google Drive and Dropbox which bring your team management, document editing, employees collaboration to the next level and thus enhance the overall team productivity.

Each internet user will have a Google Drive account. It is free, offers 15 GB of free storage and owned by the technology giant Google. We can use it anywhere on the go, like other major cloud storage services, through its app and web interfaces. As you know, Google Drive is simple, flexible and easily accessible from any device you use. That’s the main reason why it becomes an inevitable tool for your personal as well as office works.

What do you think about connecting your Drive account with IFTTT, the service known for simplifying your life? It will be more amazing and productive. Isn’t it?

Now we’ll show you 18 best IFTTT applets to maximize your Google Drive productivity.

1. Save new email attachments from Gmail to Google Drive

Never miss your email attachments. This IFTTT applet will automatically save the attachments you receive in Gmail to a separate folder in Google Drive. So it will be easy for you to recover and read them at a later moment.

2. Dropbox to Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive are inevitable assets in our digital life. We have accounts with both of them and use the cloud storage for personal as well as official purposes. The cloud storage sync will bring your productivity to the next level. The applet automatically syncs your new Dropbox files to Google Drive. It’s better to keep a copy of every file including media and documents. Isn’t it?

3. Save your tagged in photos on Facebook to Google Drive

Friends tag you in their pictures on Facebook. Whenever you are tagged in, this applet will save those photos to your Google Drive account.

4. Store NASA picture of the day on a Google Drive folder

NASA releases stunning astronomy pictures every day. They are perfect to decorate your space-related albums and educate the children about the galaxy. The applet will create a separate folder on Google Drive and save pictures as soon as NASA uploads them.

5. Backup iOS photos to Google Drive

Photos cover the precious moments of our life. It may be your family photo, travel pictures, a record of public life or something else. But you will lose them if the phone is damaged, lost or stolen. Don’t take a chance. This applet will backup your iOS photos to Google Drive and ensures that you will not lose them in any situation.

6. Backup Android photos to Google Drive

Smartphones have become the major tools to capture photos. The manufacturers frequently launch new devices with the latest features like enhanced memory, high-definition camera, etc. As a result of that people replace their traditional cameras with modern smartphones for photography and videography. This applet is useful for photography enthusiasts. It will backup your Android photos to Google Drive and lets you view or recover them in emergency situations.

7. Save any attachment to Google Drive

While composing a new email with an attachment, add [email protected] in CC/BC field to create a backup copy. The attachment or file link will be saved to your Google Drive account.

8. Backup your Facebook photos

This is another powerful applet for Facebook users. It will automatically store your new Facebook photos to Google Drive cloud storage.

9. Pocket to Google Drive

Pocket is a popular app to save and access articles, media etc at a later moment. This IFTTT applet will add your favorite articles to Google Drive in PDF format.

10. SoundCloud to Google Drive

SoundCloud is a fantastic music streaming platforms with millions of songs across the genres. The applet will download and store publicly loved SoundCloud tracks to your cloud storage account.

11. Keep a record of your trips

When a trip is completed, this applet will take a screenshot of Google Maps view of your trip and upload it to your Drive account.

12. Pinterest to Google Drive

This is a great applet for Pinterest influencers. It will backup all your new pins or upload a file from the pinned URL to Google Drive for later access.

13. Tumblr to Google Drive

Time to work on your Tumblr photos. Whenever you are posting a picture on Tumblr, automatically save its full size version on Google Drive.

14. Instagram photos to Google Drive

We share stunning photo stories on Instagram. Why are you not considering to take a backup of them? The applet will save your new Instagram photos to a specific Google Drive folder.

15. Instagram Videos to Google Drive

Videos are our invaluable properties that showcase our journeys, major events or other life stories. The applet lets you back up the Instagram videos to a Google Drive folder.

16. Flickr to Google Drive

Flickr is another place where we store beautiful photos. Automatically save them to Google Drive and make sure that you will not miss them in any situation.

17. GIFs to Google Drive

We are commonly using GIF files in messages and chats. Automatically save new trending Giphy GIFs to your Google Drive account.

18. Instagram to multiple social sites, Google Drive, and email

One single applet to share your Instagram photos on multiple locations. When you post a new picture on Instagram, the applet will automatically share it to Facebook, Twitter; save it to Google Drive and send it to your own email address. How brilliant it is?

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