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10 Powerful Shortcuts for Google Chromebook Users

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Shortcuts Google Chromebook

Chromebook is the favorite choice for laptop lovers nowadays. There are several who shift from Microsoft Windows laptop to Google Chrome. But keyboard shortcuts may create a headache for them.

For example, how will you right click with a touchpad? Or what is the shortcut for re-opening the last tab you closed? Or How do you open task manager of Chrome?

Are you confused?

Chrome provides powerful ways to access its various functions and settings. From right clicking to pinned tabs it will work like a charm.

1. To right click

Tap with two fingers on the touchpad to open the right-click menu

2) To Take Screenshots

Open the desired window, press Ctrl +Windows switcher together. That’s all! Your can view the screenshot file in the File Manager ( File Shelf → Screenshots)

3) To calculate

Do you know Chrome’s address book is a basic calculator also? Make simple calculations there and get instant results just like search links.

4) Disable Guest login

Go to Settings → Click on ‘Users’ → Find ‘Enable Guest browsing’ → Uncheck it

5) How to re-open last tabs

Press Ctrl+Shift+T to re-open the last tab, you closed. Chrome remembers up to 10 recently used tabs.

6) To check Mac Address of the device

Click Network icon on the home screen (in the top right corner) → Click name of the network you are using → Connection details → Network tab → Mac address

7) Pinned tab/Speed dial

Chrome lets you add your favorite sites on the start page. Right-click on any tab to add it to your speed dial list.

8) To swipe between open tabs

Swipe left or right quickly with two fingers to move between open tabs.

9) Limit login users

Chrome lets anyone to login to the device with Google ID and password. You can manage this situation by going to the Settings menu. Click on Users, then select “ Restrict Sign-in to the following users”.

10) To launch an installed app

Just type app name in Omnibox, it will open!