The 15 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins and Tools to Make Money


Are you a blogger? Looking for the best WordPress affiliate plugins to apply a professional touch to your referrals and make money?

Affiliate marketing is the best method to monetize your content and make huge revenue from your blog. There is no limit on how much you can earn from a single product link. Refer as many customers as you can to make hundreds or thousands of dollars even when you are sleeping or enjoying a vacation.

Firstly, find out a product that your readers might be interested in. Join its affiliate program and promote items through your blog posts, advertisement banners, and others. Create social media posts, email newsletters, and follow various marketing strategies to bring more page visitors and boost your sales.

Today, we’re going to list the 15 best WordPress affiliate plugins in this post. They will help you to cloak affiliate links, monitor audience, and display ads to generate more income from your blogging efforts.

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins & Tools 2021

There are four types of affiliate plugins for WordPress,

1. Best WordPress link cloaking & tracking plugins

2. Best affiliate marketing tools & plugins for businesses

3. Best Amazon affiliate plugins

4. Best advertisement plugins

5. Best Coupon plugins

Let us go through them in detail.

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Best WordPress link cloaking & tracking plugins

These WordPress plugins will help you to cloak affiliate links using custom keywords and track them to know how many clicks you get every day.

1. Pretty Links

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is an all-in-one WordPress affiliate plugin for marketers. It will help you to shorten your long tracking URLs and cloak them with a unique redirection chain. Hence your visitors will not know that it is an affiliate link. Link cloaking is a proven method to increase your affiliate sales and generate more income.

If the relationship with the product being promoted is not disclosed in an appropriate manner it will result in denying your commissions. Pretty Links can automatically insert your affiliate disclosure in posts and pages in order to ensure that the conditions are met and that the commission is not lost.

Automatic link insertion is another main feature of Pretty Links. It can automatically insert your affiliate links for various keywords in your posts and pages. For eg, Kinsta Hosting. Pretty Links can link that keyword to your Kinsta referral link without any manual intervention. Thus it will help you to create some leads and earn commissions. It can also redirect your visitors based on their geographical location, time, etc.

Pretty Links will send a detailed report of link clicks and conversions on your site. Thus you can easily calculate prospective commissions from the sales generated and detect the affiliate product that works best for you.

Pricing: $99/yr

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2. ThirstyAffiliates

Thirsty Affiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins to sell products and make a stable income from your website. It allows you to insert links into posts, pages, comments, and manage them from one place. The sweetest thing is that it can automatically connect your keywords with affiliate links to maximize your revenue.

ThirstyAffiliates will shorten, customize the URL with options to assign link attributes to them either globally or individually. It will tell you which links are popular and make more money on your site.

Link categorization will help you to organize links into different sections so you can find any specific links easily. Do you want to know which posts or pages having your affiliate links? Thirsty Affiliates will scan your website and shows what pages or posts your tracking links are inerted on.

Google click tracking, geo-targeting and link scheduling for limited promotions are other notable features of ThirstyAffilates Pro. It also checks your affiliate links at regular intervals to know whether they are working or returns any 404 errors and will notify you if any issue is found.

Pricing: $99/yr

Buy Thirsty Affiliates (Up to 50% off)

3. HighWay Pro


HighWayPro is another premium link cloaking plugin for WordPress. It is a great tool to enhance your affiliate and social media marketing campaigns.

Add your affiliate links, automatically insert them in posts using keywords, and track user clicks from an intuitive dashboard. HighWayPro also allows you to set multiple destinations for the same link. Target visitors by their country, device type, and other conditions to send them for up to 8 destinations. Suppose, if you are an Amazon affiliate and want to promote various products, this feature works best to send visitors to their corresponding locale stores.

HighWayPro will also create short URLs for your posts automatically. Insert it in your social media campaigns to analyze their growth and monitor clicks from each social site. Creating page directions and internal links are other advantages of HighWayPro. You can easily fix the 404 page not found errors and link to other internal pages using this plugin.

Pricing: $49

Buy HighWay Pro

4. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It will provide in-depth reports of your organic traffic like top keywords that bring traffic to your site, most popular posts, best referral sources, etc. Those details are essential to optimize your content creation strategies and grow your business.

MonsterInsights will also help you to detect your target audience easily. What device they use to visit your pages, how long they spend on them, and how many of them are coming back. It is a powerful tool to spy on your audience and deliver content or products accordingly.

It can also track all your outbound links such as affiliate links and ad clicks through Google Analytics.

MonsterInsights tracking

For that, sign in to WordPress and visit Insights from the left pane of your screen. Open settings > Publisher.

Enter your affiliate link path on the left and affiliate label on the right. Suppose your affiliate link is like this, In this example, you need to enter ‘/recommend/’ in the path field. Replace ‘recommend’ with any other keyword you use to divert readers to external sources.

Save changes.


Visit Insights > Reports and switch to the Publishers tab on the main screen to find the top affiliate links on your website.

Pricing: $199/yr

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5. Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links is a free affiliate marketing plugin to monitor tracking links on your site. As a marketer, you can either cloak all external links or leave certain links as uncloaked to meet Amazon’s affiliate guidelines.

Adding affiliate disclosure for text links is also possible with the plugin. Assign categories to organize your affiliate links in a better way. Easy Affiliate Links is a simple tool for WordPress bloggers to set an eye on their marketing campaigns.

Pricing: Free

Download Easy Affiliate Links

Best affiliate marketing tools & plugins for businesses

The following affiliate marketing tools are useful to create a unique affiliate system for your business, recruit marketers to promote products, and pay commissions.

1. Post Affiliate Pro


Post Affiliate Pro is a great affiliate software for businesses. It lets you create your own affiliate system to boost sales, monitor referrals, and pay commissions.

Marketers can collect creative banners and tracking links after signing in to their account on the Post Affiliate dashboard. It will also show detailed statistics of their promotional campaigns including link clicks, conversions, commissions generated, etc.

Post Affiliate Pro can track links in different ways- via browser cookies, HTML5 cookies, flash cookies, IP addresses- and helps you to pay one-time or lifetime commissions. It supports more than 170 CMS and payment gateways to pay affiliates in almost any currency.

Sometimes, repeated clicks and orders from the same IP address or ranges. With Post Affiliate Pro’s fraud protection system, you can ban those IP addresses and blacklist certain countries from getting commissions. In such cases, you can either decline or not save commissions for those clicks.

Pricing: $97/mo

Buy Post Affiliate Pro

2. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a powerful affiliate marketing tool for merchants. Start your own affiliate system to promote products and drive traffic to your pages. It is an allrounder affiliate plugin that will simplify the entire process- from designing affiliate programs to paying commissions- like an expert.

Affiliates can sign up for your program, collect promotional materials, and even recruit new agents to get additional commissions. Ultimate Affiliate Pro lets you classify affiliates based on their performance and provide a custom commission for each rank. Give lifetime commissions from the customer’s subscription payments and set bonus commissions for affiliates once they reach the next ranking level.

Being integrated with all leading payment solutions, you can send payments from the Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard in a few clicks. It is also integrated with many other third-party tools to strengthen your social media and email marketing campaigns to grow sales.

Pricing: $69

Buy Ultimate Affiliate Pro

3. Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager

Affiliate Manager is a free affiliate plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create and manage your own affiliate programs without any investment. Add affiliates and monitor sales they generated in real-time to ensure everything works as expected.

It is integrated with several eCommerce solutions to create unlimited orders and increase your revenue. There is no limit on how many affiliates you can recruit. Upload unlimited creative assets to enhance their marketing campaigns and pay them by PayPal or Stripe.

Pricing: Free

Download Affiliates Manager

Best Amazon affiliate plugins

Are you an Amazon affiliate? If so, you should use a dedicated Amazon affiliate plugin to automatically insert tracking links on your pages and display products in attractive layouts. Thus you can refer more customers to Amazon and skyrocket your earnings.



AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is an intelligent WordPress plugin to boost your Amazon affiliate earnings. It can automatically insert your referral links within the content to divert visitors to Amazon and get paid from their purchases.

Displaying products using beautiful boxes and bestseller lists will help you to increase click-through rates and sales. They can be inserted anywhere in WordPress with a shortcode. If you are running an Amazon affiliate website, AAWP is a perfect tool to promote various niche products and get unlimited commissions.

AAWP offers various built-in templates to decorate your product showcases. Geo-targeting is also possible to redirect readers based on their location and send them to local Amazon stores. It will automatically refresh your product boxes and lists to show the latest prices, discounts, etc. Thus it will save your huge time in editing relevant pages and feeds.

Pricing: $45/yr


2. Content Egg

Content Egg

Content Egg is one of the all-rounder WordPress affiliate plugins to promote products from various networks. It supports all leading affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay, Envato, ImpactRadius, Rakuten, ShareASale, Skimlinks, and more.

Add the latest offers from different affiliate systems by keywords or modules, automatically inserts your affiliate links, and update prices automatically without doing anything from your side. A variety of templates are there to showcase products and encourage readers to buy items.

Content Egg can also create and schedule blog posts (auto blogging) based on the keywords you entered. It will help you to improve organic page visits and create more product orders.

Pricing: $68

Buy Content Egg

3. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon Auto Links is a free WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. Choose Amazon categories that you want to display on the blog and the plugin will do the rest. It will automatically pick the best products and display them in responsive layouts.

Supports 14 Amazon locales, it lets you insert ads anywhere in WordPress using a shortcode or widget. Do you want to display a specific Amazon product in a post? Just insert your product URL in the post editor. Amazon Auto Links will automatically add your tracking ID to it to generate commissions.

Pricing: Free

Download Amazon Auto Links

Best advertisement plugins

1. Adning Advertising

affiliate marketing

Adning Advertising a one of the popular WordPress affiliate plugins to display ads. It gives you full control over ad placement and displays them anywhere in WordPress through built-in controls.

Display your affiliate or AdSense banners on up to 18 positions such as sidebars, backgrounds, single posts, and more. Target visitors by device type, operating system, and even brands. It supports popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Visual Composer, and Gutenberg to insert banners.

Adning Advertising can also create banners using your WordPress post editor. So they will be identical to your content. It is a good method to improve user clicks and boost your earnings.

If you are planning to run a time-based promotion, it is also possible with this plugin. Set a period when you want to display a specific ad and it will automatically disappear after the scheduled time. It is best to promote your affiliate deals and event-based limited period offers.

Pricing: $29

Buy Adning Advertising

2. WP in Post Ads

affiliate marketing

WP In Post Ads is another ad manager plugin for WordPress. It lets you insert ads in single posts and other parts of the site using shortcodes.

There are built-in options to show ads after your post title, within the content, and after the content. Ad count is another advantage of this plugin. Find the number of impressions you get for each ad slot to know which spot works best for you. WP In Post Ads is also useful to display or hide ads after a certain number of days. It is highly customizable and lets you set different rules for different posts to apply custom promotional strategies to them.

Pricing: $29

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Best Coupon Plugins

WordPress coupon plugins help you to showcase affiliate deals and exclusive discounts in a variety of formats. Display them in single posts, widgets, and separate pages to attract more audience and generate more sales.

1. WP Coupons Coupons-plugin-WordPress


WP Coupons is the #1 coupon plugin for WordPress. It is lightweight and responsive. The coupons are mobile-friendly and automatically resizes according to the device types to get more clicks.

There are predefined blocks to insert coupons in single posts, pages, and widgets. Alternatively, you can display them anywhere in WordPress using a shortcode. WP Coupons offers 7 beautiful archive templates and layouts to control styles as you need. Display or hide coupon codes, display or hide discounts, redirect users to merchant websites or internal posts, and do much more. It contains unlimited options to customize and manage your coupon widgets.

Pricing: $29.95/yr

Buy WP Coupons

2. WP Coupons and Deals


WP Coupons and Deals is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins to display coupons. It comes with more than 10 built-in templates to promote your affiliate products in a better way and boost sales.

Highlight the expiry date on your coupons and automatically move them to drafts on expiry. Set an expiration countdown to encourage visitors to utilize coupons as soon as possible. Add social share buttons and voting buttons to improve user engagements and traffic. The plugin is highly customizable and allows you to change almost anything on coupons.

Buy WP Coupons and Deals

Which is your favorite WordPress affiliate plugin? Let us know through the comment form below.

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