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Top 5 Myths and Truths about Alexa Ranking

alexa rankingAlexa ranking is the easiest method to measure the popularity of your website. So bloggers do everything to improve their ranking and thus attract more advertisers to the site. Naturally, there are lots of myths spreading across the media regarding Alexa ranking system. Some say installing Alexa widget will improve the ranking, some other says writing a review will bring the good result. But what’s the actual fact?

1. Claiming my site

Claiming is just a part of Alexa features. By doing so you can update the site description, contact details with the ranking site and thus make sure that you won’t lose any important business opportunities from the online marketers. Other than that, it won’t create any impact on your site ranking. But several believe that ‘claiming my site’ is helpful to increase the ranking.

2. Alexa widget and review

Some bloggers wrote ‘you can improve the ranking by installing Alexa widget on the site’. It’s a false thought. Rank widget lets you attract visitors and advertisers with your daily ranking statistics. That’s all. It’s not measuring your traffic in any way.  So using or not using won’t change your ranks.

Similarly, it’s not a matter whether you are writing or not writing a review on Alexa. Some bloggers believe that review writing is good for gaining higher rank. But it’s not true. Writing is purely on your own discrimination, but it won’t affect or increase your rank.

3. Alexa toolbar

‘ Alexa will track traffic from those people who have installed Alexa toolbar.’ I heard these wordings several times from co-bloggers and friends. Then I made lots of researches to know more about this and contacted Alexa for further clarification. Finally, I came to know that the first said was another myth about Alexa. Alexa toolbar is one of many browser extensions which include Alexa tracking data. So any such extension will give the same effect of Alexa toolbar. The firm won’t go behind any such extensions if you have installed Alexa certify code on the site. In short, it is more powerful than toolbar extensions as there’re lots of readers who have not installed any extension on their browsers.

4. My rank is not increased, even though I got high traffic last day

Alexa rank won’t change based on a single day’s traffic. The firm uses an advanced algorithm to measure your site traffic and ranking is calculated based on the number of visitors for the last three months.

According to Alexa, “A day’s worth of traffic is about 1/90th of all the traffic used to rank your site. Also, a site’s rank is relative to other sites. So, changes in traffic to other sites affect your site’s rank as well.” In short, a sudden rise or fall in traffic for a particular day may not affect your ranking.

5. I can improve the ranking by making payment

Not true. Alexa premium plans are useful to get more traffic by analyzing traffic trends, metrics and keyword insights. Otherwise, there are no other hidden secrets behind such pro plans.

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