Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services (2024 Edition)

Best Cloud Storage Services

There are a number of top-rated cloud storage providers including Google Drive and Dropbox, that will help you securely store your data in the cloud. The scope of cloud storage services is unlimited. They let you share the files with family and colleagues, backup the data, restore, and much more.

People often ask, which is the most secure free cloud storage at the moment?

It’s difficult to answer. Dropbox is the leader of cloud storage providers with 700 million users as of 2022 followed by Google Drive. The former provides 2 GB of free storage and the latter 15 GB of free storage. The free space can be further expanded with premium plans which start at approximately $2/month.

Enterprise-grade security, multilayer protection, and two-step verification are some common features cloud storage services offer to protect your contents from being hacked or stolen. No one else can access your data without your permission, and it is really impossible to breach the account in between. That’s why most companies prefer cloud storage services to costly hardware to store and backup their confidential data. The use of cloud storage helps them save infrastructure space as well.

It’s worth noting that optimizing cloud costs is also essential when considering cloud storage services. Businesses should focus on effectively managing expenses and allocating resources efficiently. Cloud cost optimization strategies can help maximize cost savings.

Best Cloud Storage Services 2024

Which is the best free cloud storage service for 2024?

In this post, we compiled a list of the top 10 best cloud storage services for business and personal use.

1. Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the best, free cloud storage providers. It is a simple, reliable cloud storage solution for all needs. The service comes with advanced features and security controls that make file sharing easier and secure. It automatically syncs your files across the platforms to serve the latest file version on the access.

The free space can be increased via referrals that will give you 500 MB extra per user. Dropbox has office 365 integration to edit files online.

Dropbox also provides 256-bit encryption, remote device wipe, up to 180 days of file recovery, two-factor authentication, and other features to protect your data. It has dedicated apps for desktop, iOS, Android devices, and lets you access the account from anywhere on the go.

Dropbox Pricing

Free storage: 2 GB

Individuals: $9.99 per month for Plus (2 TB storage), $16.58 per month for Professional (3 TB storage), and $16.99 per month for Family (2 TB) plans

Teams: $15 per user per month for Standard (5 TB) and $24 per user per month (unlimited) for Advanced plans

Visit Dropbox

2. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service from the technology giant Google. It is powerful, easy to use, and connected to all Google products like Gmail, Google Docs, and Android. The service is offered by the giant in the technology sector. That is the main advantage of Google Drive.

It is fast, secure, and lets you upload anything including documents, photos, videos, movies, and others to the cloud. Google Drive gives a free storage space of 15 GB that can be increased with budget-friendly premium plans. The clients for desktop, iOS, and Android help you to access the account from any platform and device.

Google Drive Pricing

Free storage: 15 GB

$6 per user per month for Business Starter (30 GB), $12 per user per month for Business Standard (2 TB), $18 per user per month (5 TB) for Business Plus plans

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3. pCloud


pCloud is another cloud-based storage that offers unlimited file size and speed. It gives you 10 GB of free storage and that can be upgraded to 20 GB through referrals and completing the tutorials.

pCloud adopts a 256-bit AES encryption protocol, adds an extra layer of protection, keeps 5 copies of files on different servers to enhance the security level of your account. It has separate clients for desktop, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android with automatic sync and selective offline access.

pCloud Pricing

Free: 10 GB

Annual: $49.99 per year for Premium (500 GB) and $99.99 per year for Premium Plus (2 TB) plans

Lifetime: $200 for Premium (500 GB), $400 for Premium Plus (2 TB), and $1200 for Custom (10 TB) plans

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4. Box

Box cloud storage

When preparing a list of top cloud storage providers, we can’t forget Box. It carries ultra-modern features to provide cloud storage and file hosting for personal and business accounts. SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, data residency across multiple locations are the main security features of Box.

Box is integrated with thousands of apps like Office 365, Adobe, G Suite, Salesforce to automate your workflows and improve productivity. It has dedicated apps for various platforms and needs. If you are looking for not just cloud storage, try Box. It will be a great asset for team management, collaboration, and promote your business.

Box Pricing

Free: 10 GB

Individuals: $10 per month for Personal Pro plan (100 GB)

Business: $5 per user per month for Business Starter (100 GB), $15 per user per month for Business (unlimited) plans

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5. Sync

Sync cloud storage

Sync is a popular online cloud storage for businesses. The free storage is limited to 5 GB and you need to pay as low as $5 to become a premium business user. It provides 2048 bit end-to-end encryption, real-time backup, and sync to safeguard your business.

The user data is protected with advanced share controls, remote device lockout, two-factor authentication, and other security features. Sync’s powerful controls and core features make it an essential tool for the business and offer peace of mind to them.

Sync Pricing

Free: 5 GB

Personal: $8 per month for Solo Basic (2 TB storage) and $20 per month for Solo Professional (6 TB storage)

Business: $6 per user per month for Teams Standard (1 TB) and $15 per user per month for Teams Unlimited (unlimited storage)

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6. OneDrive


OneDrive is a cloud storage solution from Microsoft. It gives 5 GB free storage to every user. After that, you can either go for just storage plans or along with the Office 365 subscription.

It is a good file hosting, editing cum collaboration tool for organizations. The files are automatically synced across the devices on a real-time basis and secured with advanced encryption technology and features.

OneDrive Pricing

Free: 5 GB

Personal: $19.99 per year for 100 GB

Business: $5 per user per month for Business Plan 1 (1 TB) and $10 per user per month for Business Plan 2 (unlimited)

Visit Onedrive

7. Amazon Drive


Amazon cloud storage is best for storing all types of files including photos, videos, and others. It lets you upload files on all your devices for backup and sharing. Prime users will get unlimited photo storage and 5 GB space for video uploads.

Amazon Drive is accessible on the web, or through iOS, and Android apps. Thus, it ensures smooth workflow of your business and assignments.

Amazon drive Pricing

Free: 5 GB

$1.99 per month for 100 GB, $6.99 per month for 1 TB, and $11.99 per month for 2 TB.

Visit Amazon Drive

8. Tresorit


Tresorit is another trusted name for unlimited cloud storage. It comes with end-to-end encryption, unlimited activity history, unlimited version history, 2-step authentication, and many more features. Unlike other cloud storage providers we already discussed, it doesn’t offer free space to the account holders. Tresorit is purely a premium business model with multi-user mode.

It makes file sync, hosting, and sharing for teams more simple and secure. It guarantees secure access on up to 10 devices/users for all plans and advanced file controls, remote wipe on higher plans.

Tresorit Pricing

Free: No

Personal: $11.99 per month for Personal (1 TB) and $27.49 per month for Professional (4 TB) plans

Business: $14.50 per user per month for Business Standard (1 TB), $19.19 per user per month for Business Plus (2 TB), and $24 per user per month for Enterprise (unlimited) plans

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9. IDrive


IDrive is another free cloud storage app for backup and file sharing. It will back up your multiple computers and devices into one account with continuous syncing and remote management. The files can be shared with others by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

iDrive Pricing

Free: 5 GB

Personal: $3.71 for the first year (100 GB) and $59.62 for the first year (5 TB)

Business: $74.62 for the first year (5 TB) and $74.62 for the first year (250 GB- unlimited users)

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10. Mega


Mega is one of the rare cloud storage providers that gives 20 GB massive free storage space. It has a pretty clean interface and simple controls to manage the account. You can retrieve the data anytime from a web browser or smartphone apps. The browser extensions will improve the performance of file transfers and reduce the loading time.

The free storage space can be upgraded with the installation of sync desktop client (20 GB), smartphone apps (15 GB), and referrals (10 GB per invite). If you still want more, go for the premium subscription which starts from $6 for 200 GB storage. Like most of the cloud storage services, Mega too offers encryption, secure collaboration, and live encrypted backup to prevent unauthorized access and data theft.

Mega Pricing

Free: 50 GB

Personal: $4.92 per month for Pro-Lite (400 GB), $9.85 per month for Pro I (2 TB), $19.71 per month for Pro II (8 TB), and $29.57 per month for Pro III (16 TB) plans

Business: $14.79 per user per month (3 TB)

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