15 Must Have Productivity Tools for Professional Bloggers

Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers

I’m sure as a Blogger, you need to find a lot of times to write and research.  So you need to find and use a lot of tools to save your precious time.

Time is precious. As a blogger, you need to spend time doing various tasks, from creating content to marketing to monitoring performance. 

If the time is not efficiently utilized, you will get into trouble. Unlike business websites, you do not have to have a separate team member to manage each part. 

It is your sole responsibility to handle everything relating to your blog such as content creation, SEO, link building, and others. Not a simple chain process, you should work hard to create a successful blog and attract more audience. 

Adopting qualitative tools help you to improve your productivity and reduce your work load. Being able to get work done in less time means you can do more. In this post, we pick the 15 best productivity tools for bloggers and freelancers. 

Let us get started. 

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What is a Productivity Tool?

A productivity tool is anything used to make you more productive. There are many kinds of tools you can use to improve your productivity and get things done more easily.

They help you to create and manage content, schedule and manage social media posts, store passwords, create to-do lists and much more.

Key benefits of productivity tools include:

  • Write and format your content easily
  • Check spelling and grammatical mistakes as you type
  • Create to-do list and remind you about upcoming tasks from time to time
  • Memorize login passwords and autofill them on websites & apps
  • Automatically optimize your pages and images for search engines
  • Store documents, images, and videos in cloud, and lets you access them from anywhere
  • Schedule and recycle your social media content to bring traffic 24/7
  • Create automated work chains to smoothen workflow and save your time
  • Track your affiliate link clicks and revenue

Best Productivity Apps for Bloggers

These are the best productivity tools for bloggers,

1. Google Docs


Google Docs is the best free productivity tool for writing. Enter texts, insert images, and format content as you like. 

If you are working on a tight schedule, it is a great tool to shift in between your personal and business projects. Google Docs supports all major platforms and automatically sync files in real-time. So you can start writing from your smartphone and polish content at a later time from your office computer. 

Being integrated with many third-party tools, it will be easy for you to scan for grammatical mistakes, plagiarism, and much more to ensure that you deliver professional-quality output to the clients. When done, you can download the document or share it with others for approval. 

2. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of the essential productivity tools for content creators. It helps you find and fix grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuation mistakes. Grammarly will read your texts as you type and point out errors that need to be corrected. 

No need to install a software. Just enable Grammarly’s browser extension to proofread your content on WordPress, Google Docs, email, and social sites. It automatically fixes things to improve the quality of your writing and boost your work confidence. 

3. LastPass

LastPass Password Manager

A must-have Password Manager everybody should use. LastPass helps you to manage your passwords easily with a secret master password. As a Blogger, you need to log in to different websites, but it’s hard to log in to sites every time is really a painful method. On the other hand, using the same password is not a good way.

There are a lot of Password Managers available on the web but why can use LastPass over any other tools? It’s pretty simple. LastPass is the only popular password manager that lets you use the service for free and sync your passwords across all devices.

4. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

To manage your tasks and reminders, Microsoft To Do is the best choice for you. Todoist and Any.do are the services offers similar tool but Todoist is useless until you purchase their paid version. Microsoft To Do gives most features for free compared to other task manager tools.

To Do helps you to manage your daily blogging tasks easily also you can share your work projects with your co-workers easily.

5. Pixelied


Earlier, we were using expensive photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop to create stunning images for blogs and social media pages. But now we can do the same job with Pixelied, a free professional graphic design software.

Pixelied is easy to use and contains millions of photographs, graphics, fonts which you can use to create high-quality designs for websites, blogs, YouTube videos, social media pages, logos, etc.

There is a drag and drop editor to insert visual assets and work on. So anyone with a basic interest in designing can use it to show their skills and give a unique touch to their blog.

6. Evernote


I think you won’t need more information about one of the best productivity apps on the planet. Yes, it is Evernote your second brain. Evernote helps you to collect notes and brainstorming ideas anywhere, anytime.

With Evernote, you can create notes that can contain images, files, videos, voice notes. You can use Evernote as a read it later tool. Just use Evernote Web Clipper on the browser and save all web pages you love to read later. Evernote is free to use comes with limitations but a better-paid plan lets you access more features such as more storage, syncing across unlimited devices, and use your notes even when you’re offline.

7. Asana

asana design

Asana is an inevitable productivity tool for team collaboration and online task management. Create separate boards to monitor your to-do, doing, and done tasks. Invite team members to manage each task and set a deadline, and a priority level for them.

Create workspaces and campaigns to manage kinds of operations such as content management, marketing, link building, and others. Asana is best for business, agencies, and bloggers to finish projects in a timely manner and acquire more clients.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive

I prefer Google Drive over any other similar services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc. The simple reason why I love Google Drive over these services is Google Drive gives me a clean 15 GB Storage space for free. This storage count towards against Gmail attachment, but still it is worth to try.

I’m sure, as a Blogger you should use Google Docs, Spreadsheets to curate your works. Documents you created with Docs and Spreadsheets will sync instantly with your Google Drive. To get the most out of Google Drive, you should install Google Drive on your PC or Mac.

9. SocialBee


SocialBee is another productivity tool every blogger can use for social media automation. It lets you share blog posts on all leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Create unique categories for your blog posts and product pages. Add your content to automatically share them on connected accounts at regular intervals. Upload custom images or videos to your post to boost reachability and traffic. SocialBee is a powerful marketing tool to schedule, monitor your social media posts and get traffic from prominent referral networks.

10. Pocket


Pocket is the best read it later app on the planet. More than 22 Million users use Pocket to save articles and read that later. You can save articles, videos from your browser, and you can access them from your Smartphone, Tablet, or from your PC.

Also, you can instantly save articles from Flipboard, Twitter, Pulse, Zite, over 500 applications across many platforms you may already use.



IFTTT is another free productivity app for bloggers to automate things and enhance their workflow. It works with almost every web service including WordPress, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, iOS, Android, and many others. You can use IFTTT for social media marketing, competitor tracking, monitor hashtag mentions, home automation, weather alerts, and so on.

12. Pushbullet


Pushbullet helps you to transfer files between your devices easily. It is not just to transfer your files, but you can send text messages, check WhatsApp messages, Phone calls, etc. It simply connects your devices and all the contents you share will be available everywhere.

You can install Pushbullet on your PC, Mac, or extensions on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Also, Pushbullet is available on Android or iOS devices. The files downloaded can be opened right from the notifications.

13. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO is an all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress. It optimizes your website and pages to drive maximum traffic from search engines. 

The plugin analyzes your content and leave suggestions to make it SEO-friendly. Try to score 100/100 to boost your ranking chances and beat competitors. 

Analytics module is a major feature of Rank Math SEO. It helps you to monitor visitors, top performing keywords and posts without leaving WordPress. You will also get access to the individual page speed metrics and traffic data of each page. If any slow speed issue is detected, optimize the page to remove unwanted scripts and load it faster on all device types. 

Redirection, image SEO, Schema, and Sitemaps are some other features of Rank Math that make you more productive. Using these features, you can remove other similar plugins to reduce your site weight and boost its speed. 


Affiliate marketing is one of the best income sources for bloggers. Create product reviews or listicles and place your unique tracking links to generate a recurring income from your blog posts. 

Usually, your tracking link will be a long, ugly URL. It is essential to shorten them to apply a professional touch to your promotional campaigns. But how it is possible?

Pretty Links is the most popular link clocking plugin for WordPress. It will shorten and beautify links using your domain name. They can also be inserted automatically anywhere in the content using keywords. 

As a busy blogger, it will be difficult for you to edit each content to insert affiliate links. The automatic link insertion feature saves lots of your time and generates revenue from all possible sources. 

The plugin will also track user clicks and display statistics covering number of clicks for each item, user IP address, browser, referring site, etc. This is useful to identify your best traffic sources and create separate campaigns for them. 

15. StayFocusd


Blogging is not just a writing process. It covers several activities from keyword research to designing to marketing. Meanwhile, there are many things that can distract you. For example checking Facebook or browsing news websites frequently. Such activities will undoubtedly affect your productivity.

StayFocusd is a simple Chrome extension to block time-wasting websites and lets you focus on productive tasks. It allows you to restrict the amount of time for those websites. Once that time is up, the extension will automatically block selected websites for the rest of the day. You can block entire websites or subdomains, specific pages, or even specific content types suing this tool.

Final thoughts

These are the best productivity tools for bloggers. They help you to achieve the goals by consuming less man power and time. 

Being productive is neither an easy nor a difficult task. It will be easier if you are using the right tools for content creation, optimization, and marketing. They can perform multiple tasks simultaneously to improve your website performance and bring maximum benefits from each section. 

What do you think? 

Let us know your honest thoughts and suggestions through the comment form below, 

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