Best Strategies to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue in 2021

Affiliate marketing revenue

One of the first things that had attracted me to blogging was the fact that I could earn up a good amount of income through just affiliate marketing and nothing else. Even after all this time, AM remains to be one of the most profitable (not to mention easiest) ways out there to earn some good money from your blogs or websites – a fact which I think is not going to be changing any time soon.

To say that the whole field has gone through a good amount of change during the last few years will probably be an understatement. From Google clamping down on weak affiliate contents, to the formation of tighter and stricter legislation, and a general increase in web competition, it’s becoming more and harder for an affiliate marketer to get ahead in this game.

But, that’s not to say that all hope is lost. On the contrary, you can still find many affiliate marketers and companies out there generating millions in revenue by staying one step ahead of the rest

But, how they are doing it? How are they managing it? What is it that affiliate marketers have to do to succeed well in 2019 and beyond really?

Affiliate marketing – straight from the horse’s mouth (well, mine actually)

As I said before, the sheer awesomeness of affiliate marketing is what drew me to this field. And even though I knew it wouldn’t be a cakewalk, but having seen the likes of John Chow, Darren Cross, and other legends earning most of their incomes through it, I was pretty eager to follow in their footsteps and see if could build a career out of it too.

It took me a few years – mind you, but the struggles that I had to endure were well worth the results that I am getting now (I was finally earning! What’s better than that?).

Look, I am not claiming to be an expert here, I am clearly not, but after toiling all these years on this competitive field, I have nevertheless, amassed a few good tricks that I think can make for a big difference with your AF game.

“Fast forwarding to 2021, Affiliate marketing is what that is currently responsible for producing over 60% of all the incomes through the web.”

So, listen to me, will you?

5-golden tips to ramp up your affiliate marketing game – try them out today!

1. Take it slow

Affiliate marketing revenue

A great tip that is especially relevant to the more newbies, I recommend that you start with affiliating for 2 or 3 products at first and build your product count slowly from there. Sure, it can be rather tempting to join as many affiliate programs as possible as this can allow you to quickly see what that’s going to click for your blog and better kick-start your earnings.

However, having your foot in multiple boats will also mean that you may have to compromise on the quality of your recommendations (trust me, we don’t want that). Furthermore, this may also block you from concentrating on products that may matter and prove to be more beneficial for you, as your focus will be more diluted from having too many products on your plate and too little time.

2. Promote what you trust

Affiliate marketing revenue

This may be a very basic tip; however, this might prove to be the most crucial one of all. One of the first mistakes that I had made when I started out in AM was that I – thanks to my young age and recklessness – promoted products and programs that I, frankly, didn’t trust.

Needless to say, the whole thing (spectacularly, If I may add) backfired on me.

If your new to the AM whole game or don’t know much about it, I suggest that you be highly selective with the products and programs that you are going to want to promote. Furthermore, it will definitely go to be easier for you if you choose products and programs to promote you already use and trust very much. Not only this can allow you to be more confident with your recommendations but can also help you better gain the trust of your audiences – as you may already know, trust is a very, very big deal in these parts of the woods.

3. Embrace changes

Affiliate marketing revenue

Affiliate marketing is an ever-changing field, not something that could be mastered overnight. Therefore, a particular strategy that may be doing wonders for you now might not work at all a whole month later. While you can always blame it on Google’s constant meddling with their algorithms, your go-to affiliate shutting down, or the ever-increasing promotion costs, you’d definitely find it easier to accept the changes rather than try and walk around them (trust me, I’m speaking from experience here).

Build the basis of your affiliating game on the assumption that things are always going to be constantly changing. Obviously, though, the real feasibility of this particular approach will mostly depend on the nature of your niche and the products that you are going to want to promote. Whatever the case may be, I’d highly recommend that you build a strong foundation with income-based backup plans, as this can help you have a good piece of mind that no matter what happens, you’ll always going to have reliable “plan B’ to fall back on.

4. Never put all your eggs in one basket

Affiliate marketing revenue

Seven years ago, many low-level affiliates out there woke up to the news that they may be going out of business thanks to Google having released their much-reviled panda update to their search algorithm. Needless to say, the whole thing was a very big blow to the whole industry with many clients and personal friends going completely broke within a matter of weeks.

Want to know the kicker? The same thing happened again in 2012! Just one year after the whole field saw a complete paradigm shift.

To avoid being hit heavily by something like that in the future, I suggest that you spread out your traffic and audience levels as far and wide as you can, as this can help you cordon of the damage to a certain area should it ever happen to you.

5. Embrace the mobile revolution

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Today, over 65% of all the current web traffic stems from mobile devices, and the figure it is poised to rise only. If you are an affiliate who is directing traffics to websites that aren’t mobile friendly, the chances are that you may be missing out on a whole lot of revenue and even some good opportunities.

Seeing that Google themselves are promoting mobile-optimized websites on their SERPS, it’s better for you to affiliate only with sites that are custom optimized for the future, as this can allow you to derive the maximum benefits out of them and not be worried by their long-term viability.

Another benefit of this particular method is that because of people preferring more to make purchases through the mobile platforms; you can easily analyze and capitalize on certain niches, products, and trends as they rise in popularity, without having to wait endlessly for them to finally blow-over.


As I said before, affiliate marketing is not something that you can learn within a fortnight. In fact, I have seen people who are still struggling with it even after spending years on it. Contrary to popular perception, you don’t really need to waste money on self-guides, classes or even click baits to help teach you how to make money through blogging or affiliate marketing.

To be successful in this very competitive field, all you need is a bit of common sense, a proper amount of guidance and a good mindset to accept the changes as they come. Sure, the tips that I had shared with you above could help you out by a ton, but that’s only going to be possible if you are open to learning proven marketing techniques and tricks that may sound a bit out of your current leagues.

Finally – always be ready to make mistakes, lots of them. That’s only the way you can actually get ahead in this game.

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