Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

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So you are looking for high paying affiliate programs to make money faster in 2022. Right?

Money making is the key reason for starting a website and affiliate marketing is the only way to touch the heights. Unlike CPC ad networks, it can generate a huge outcome with each user clicks and even unlimited. Truly unlimited.

Web hosting companies and theme marketplaces pay from $50 to $150 as affiliate commissions for each sale referred through your unique tracking links. Hosting affiliate programs rank top with performance-based incentives that change according to the number of accounts you sold during a particular period. They will also define a custom commission structure for high performing affiliates to encourage them to divert more sales and boost profit.

Affiliate marketing becomes more powerful with the additional benefits, follow-ups, and regular interaction between the parties. Parties mean brands, marketers, and clients where a three-tier conversation takes place to convey offers to understanding the market. Thus companies can easily know what customers expect from them and design offers accordingly to get more leads.

Affiliate marketing is a wide area than you expect. It covers not just hosting plan or theme or Amazon products sale. There are many more things that come under the same roof and lets you earn huge commissions (or your dream car) by adding new customers.

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Highest Paying Affiliate Programs 2023

Today, we pick 10 lesser-known highest paying affiliate programs that pay up to $2,16,000 commission per sale.

Here’s our list.

1. Hammacher Schlemmer

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Type: Digital products

Commission rate: 8% on all products except gift cards

Cookie: 30 days

Hammacher Schlemmer is a retail shop in America to buy electronics, fashion, personal care, and sports products. It started business long back in 1848 and still, one of the trusted names in the region to shop almost anything.

The company pays an 8% commission to its affiliates on all products. You may think it is very low when compared to other well-known affiliate programs that came into the mind suddenly. But you are wrong.

Here are a few products on Hammacher Schlemmer,

Calculate your commission for referring these products. $2,700,000 * 8% = $2,16,000! OMG! Is it possible? Will they really pay you?

Hammacher Schlemmer is a trusted brand with the longest tradition and there are several affiliates earn thousands of dollars per month as a payout from them. Who knows if you are the next one on the list?

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2. RA Wealth Partners

Type: Investment

Commission rate: 3% – 5% (Second tier: 2%) per sale

Cookie: Unknown

RA wealth is a leading investment consultation company in the US. Their services include investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and much more. It is partnered with many well-known companies across the sectors to deliver the most comprehensive service to its clients.

Their average plan costs $65,000. For that, you can earn $1,950 as commission. The company offers many investment options from $10,000. Assume how much you can earn for its $1,00,000 or $1,000,000. $5,000 to $50,000 as affiliate commissions. A single sale is enough to pay for all your efforts. Agree?

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3. ClickFunnels

Want to get your dream car, a Ferrari or Lamborghini or others, for free? Read below to know more and let ClickFunnels pay your car bill.


Type: Sales funnels

Commission rate: 40% per month per user (lifetime)

Cookie: Sticky

ClickFunnels helps customers to build converting funnels quickly and sell products. It offers many stunning templates to collect leads, sell products, host Webinar events, collect payments, and much more. Design your own affiliate programs through its Backpack feature to recruit new agents and multiply your income.

They have two membership plans- ClickFunnels and ClickFunnels Platinum plan which cost $97 and $297 per month respectively. With a 40% commission rate, you can earn up to $118.8 per month per user based on the plan your referral member chooses. The payment will continue until he or she cancels their membership.

How to get a free car from ClickFunnels? Refer at least 100 new accounts to them, and you are in. No contests. No giveaways. Go to the nearest car showroom, buy your favorite car, and send its proof to ClickFunnels. They will pay you $500 per month to reimburse the car bill until you are able to keep these 100 members in the account. If you can multiply the number (200 members), then the company will hike your payment to $1000 per month. Interesting. Isn’t it?

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4. LiquidWeb


Type: Web hosting

Commission rate: up to $7000 per sale

Cookie: 90-days

LiquidWeb is a reputed name in web hosting. They focus on enterprise-level customers and host websites in managed WordPress, Cloud, Cloud VPS, and dedicated servers.

Earn from $150 to $7000 as affiliate commissions by creating new LiquidWeb subscriptions. Selling managed WordPress plans may bring up to $2000, managed WooCommerce $3000, cloud hosting $5000, and dedicated hosting $7000 to your bank account.

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5. HubSpot


Type: Marketing

Commission rate: Up to $3000 per sale

Cookie: 90 days

HubSpot doesn’t need any explanation. It is powerful marketing software to do almost anything to grow your business. Create quality content that readers will love, optimize them for searches, and divert traffic from various sources. Automate your marketing tasks to engage followers in different regions and convert leads easily through its intelligent channels.

They have three pricing plans and your commission will vary like this,

  • Starter: $250
  • Professional: $500
  • Enterprise: $1,000

Sometimes customers will buy product bundles like Enterprise Growth Suite that combines HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub in a single package. It costs $4,200/mo. What will be your potential earnings for such referrals? $3,000. So get ready to promote HubSpot through your websites and make a huge amount to pay all your credits.

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6. 3dcart


Category: Webdesign

Commission rate: Up to $3000 Per Sale

Cookie: 120 days

3dcart is an allrounder e-commerce software for businesses to create a powerful online store easily and maximize profit. It contains all the essential features required to establish your online presence like website builder, responsive themes, shopping cart, SEO, analytics, and many other capabilities.

3dcart affiliates can earn a 300% commission for every sale they referred. This applies to all their pricing plans from $19 to $999 per month.

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7. Shopify


Type: e-commerce

Commission rate: Up to $2000 per sale

Cookie: 30 days

Shopify is an e-commerce company from Canada that helps merchants to create and manage online stores easily. From generating business names to accept payments to ship products, it will assist you in each step.

They pay $58 to $2000 to affiliates for adding new clients to their database. The higher rate is applicable for selling enterprise-level Shopify Plus plans.

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8. Volusion


Type: E-commerce

Commission rate: Up to $2,000 per sale

Cookie: 45 days

Volusion is another proven solution to create and manage e-commerce stores efficiently. Develop a successful online store without hiring any experts, beautify it using responsive themes, and customize pages as you like. Assign a custom domain to direct visitors and sell your products in the global market. It will also allow you to expand the store to sell on Amazon, eBay, Social media, and more.

They pay a 200% commission on all membership plan sales. The annual subscription of Prime plans may bring $1000 to $2000 in your pocket as commissions.

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9. BigCommerce


Type: E-Commerce

Commission rate: Up to $1,500 per sale

Cookie: 30 days

BigCommerce helps you to build converting eCommerce websites easily. It is best to create all kinds of merchant websites, that simplifies your tasks through marketing tools, analytics, back office integrations, and other required applications.

They pay 200% of the first monthly pay out or up to $1,500 per enterprise customer. You can track performance, view earnings, and download creative assets from an intuitive dashboard.

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10. Improvely


Type: Tracking software

Commission rate: Up to $1,400 per sale

Cookie: 30 days

Improvely is fantastic software for marketers to track conversions and detect fraud clicks on links. It will let you know which campaign or ad worked best for you and divert more sales. Thus, you can prioritize relevant channels and customize strategies to boost commissions.

Monitor your marketing keywords and track audience by device type, location, etc. to identify your best commission sources. Link cloaking is another advantage so that you can hide affiliate links from the visitors.

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