How to Delete Multiple Photos on Flickr (In Bulk)

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Delete Multiple Photos on Flickr

Flickr is a photo and video hosting website to store precious moments in our life. It has nearly 90 million registered members, hosts 6 billion images and 3.5 million images uploaded every day.

Yahoo acquired site was the favorite destination of photography enthusiasts till the launch of Instagram in 2010. Instagram is a trendy photo-sharing service which effectively combines modern technology standards and features that users need at this moment. But Flickr lags far behind the competitor in making improvements and attracting new users.

Delete Multiple Flickr Photos

In this short guide, I will tell you how to delete single and multiple photos in your Flickr account.

How to delete a photo on your Flickr photostream

Sign in to your Flickr account first.

Double click a photo to view its details.

Delete Multiple Photos on Flickr

Click Edit Photo button to get additional options. Choose Delete. Confirm it again to erase the photo from your photostream.

How to delete multiple photos on Flickr at once

Open your Camera Roll.

It will display all your photos.

Select and drag them to the bottom panel.

Click on Delete or other options based on your requirements.


Otherwise, mouse hovers You in the top bar to view submenu.

Select Organize.

flickr photostream

Now you are in the batch mode where you can manage multiple photos at once. Your photostream images will be shown at the bottom. Just drag and drop them to the main screen for management. You can change their attributes, send them to a group, change licensing or create a new album thereafter.

Once you selected all the photos, click Edit photos on the top left and choose Delete. It will seek your permission twice to finish the operation. Finally hit Yes, Go ahead button to delete the selected photos.


The photos are successfully deleted from your Flickr photostream.

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