8 Best Plugins to Create Tables in WordPress

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WordPress tables

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Tables are great choices to show features and specifications of some products. We can make use of them to compare between the benefits of some items and choose the best one. But unlike Microsoft Excel like office apps, creating table in WordPress is a difficult task. We have to go for coding, if you prefer manual method.

Thanks to the plugin developers, as they have introduced some brilliant plugins for the purpose. Just install and activate, it will start working to display beautiful tables in your pages and posts.

1) Table Press

WordPress tables

Table Press is the most favorite choice in the category. You can easily create and manage tables with the plugin. It lets you show tables in posts, pages and sidebar using a short code. The tables can be imported or exported to your system and can contain any types of datas in columns and rows.

2) Easy Table

table plugins wordpress

Easy Table comes with beautiful themes and advanced features. You can add tables anywhere in the site including page, post, widget using CSV format. It allows you to sort tables via tablesorter jQuery plugin too. Customization is another important feature of the plugin. It lets you customize tables in several ways using short codes.

3) League Table

table plugins

This’s is a premium plugin from CodeCanyon. It is useful to create common tables, rank charts, leader board or anything else via short codes.

League Table is highly responsive and comes with eye catching design and colors. The plugin is available for $ 14.

4) FooTable

table plugins

It is a simple, light-weight plugin to create tables in WordPress. It allows you to easily include a HTML table into the site and configure it via data attributes.

Foo delivers responsive table along with sorting and filtering options. You can make use of both options together  in a table or any one at a time.

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5) Ultimate Tables

table plugins

This’s another popular method for Word press tables. Here, you can create and manage tables with powerful features like paging, sorting, filtering, searching etc. It will work anywhere on the site including posts, pages and widgets via a short code.

Ultimate Tables comes with 3 elegant designs and lots of management options. It allows you to add multiple tables at once in a page or post, change the number of rows-columns-text in them, reorder, sort and many more.

6) wpDataTables

table plugins

wpDataTables is an expensive plugin which is available for $28. It is useful for catalogs, pricing tables, front-end DB management, services filter or anything else that falls into table category.

The plugin has an easy to manage interface, flexible and responsive design. It provides advanced features needed for any table like search, pagination, sorting, grouping, filtering etc. Chart feature is another important advantage of wpDataTables.

7) MCE Table Buttons

table plugins

MCE Table Buttons allows you to add tables with the help of TinyMCE formatting options. You can resize columns, merge or split cells, try other formatting options and so on with the plugin.

8) Websimon Tables

table plugins

Websimon helps you to create visual rich tables within WordPress. You can choose from 10 readymade skins or create your own tables using CSS code. It allows you to customize the table in terms of cell padding, column width, line height etc. Tables can be inserted in posts and pages using a simple short code.

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