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The 8 Best To-Do List Apps to Manage Your Tasks

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A perfect management is the main reason behind any accomplishment. A human brain has certain limitations and its capacity varies from person to person. So we can’t keep all our to-do lists, tasks there.

In olden days, we were using notebooks and diaries to note down important future tasks. Now, these traditional items are replaced with smartphone apps. They will help you to manage projects, collaborate with team members, plan vacations, prepare shopping lists and more through apps that work, sync across devices and platforms.

We’ll show you 8 best to-do list apps to organize your work and life.

1. is a simple task manager to keep all your tasks, lists, events and reminders in one place. It comes with a simple, beautiful interface and automatically syncs across all your devices.

The app will capture tasks by notes, voice and smart suggestions of assistant. You can share lists with family members or assign tasks to teammates for a smooth, fast workflow. It is easy to use and you can monitor tasks through a calendar on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Available: Web, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android

2. Todoist

Todoist is a popular tool to create and manage tasks from anywhere. It allows you to share unlimited tasks with anyone, create projects, assign duties and discuss details to achieve the goal.

Users can easily set due dates for the tasks and divide big tasks into smaller multi-level sub-tasks. The due date may be one time or recurring like “every Monday at 11 am”. It will notify you via email and push alerts if any important changes made in shared projects or tasks. With color codes, you are able to set different priority levels for each task. Premium subscribers will get more advanced features including reminders, comments, ability to attach PDFs and photos, labels, location based alerts etc.

Available: Web, Mac, Chrome, iOS, Android, and Email

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is another solution to create, manage your personal and professional to-dos. No matter what kind of list you are going to create, it may be a travel plan or grocery list or project related task. The app will remind you about the to-dos and ensure to get the stuff done.

It is an excellent tool for project works where you can easily share the lists, collaborate, add notes, accept comments, set due dates and more. Make use of hashtags and folders to quickly locate similar to-dos or group them into a single place.

Available: Web, Mac, Chrome, iOS, Android, Smartwatch, Email, and Kindle

4. Microsoft To-Do

It is a free app that helps you create, manage and complete the most important things you need to achieve every day. Planning is no more a difficult task for you as Microsoft To-do’s intelligent suggestions make it easy to prioritize your daily tasks and keep track of them.

Create different lists for office, home, school or business to-dos and personalize them with attractive themes or colors. It’s integrated with Office 365 also.

Available: Web, Windows, iOS, and Android

5. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is my favorite app for task management. It’s not just for creating grocery lists, you can create and manage any kind of to-dos with the app. It’s super flexible and allows you to organize stuff in several ways.

You can divide big tasks into unlimited smaller tasks even in multiple levels to better manage them. They can also have separate due dates, tags etc. Using drag and drop feature, you can quickly reorder tasks or move them into a different list, tag, location and due date. Colorful tag is another advantage of the app. It’s useful to arrange similar lists together and locate them in a single click. Custom sorting, grouping, list sharing, task assignment, individual reminders are some other features of Remember The Milk.

Available: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Fire

6. Evernote

Evernote is an all-in-one app for taking notes and project management. It enables you to capture, organize and share notes from almost any device.

It’s an advanced tool that fits to your needs in the modern world where you can enhance the notes with web links, media files, tables, and checklists. Evernote will store everything in its brain with a password lock, search for texts in files and lets you share notes with friends or colleagues.

Available: Web, iOS, and Android

7. To Do List

SplenDO is a simple, powerful task list for daily use. It’s user-friendly and allows you to group tasks under different heads like personal, office, shopping, reading etc. It even supports voice tasks with or without due dates and home screen widgets.

The tasks are automatically synced with Google and you can share them with other apps also. Smart notifications and status bar components will keep you update with upcoming and overdue tasks.

Available: Android

8. Asana

Asana is a brilliant app to plan, organize and track your work. You can add any details to each task including description, attachments, due dates and other necessary instructions to finish the work. It will remind you about the upcoming to-dos in advance and thus ensures that you reach the target without any mistakes.

Asana is an advanced task management solution where you can divide tasks into smaller tasks and divide them between teammates. It enables teams to easily monitor projects, tasks, conversations and evaluate the work progress right from the dashboard. Team conversations and inbox updates are ideal to enlighten you way with positive thoughts, enthusiasm and strengthen the projects. The app is well integrated with Dropbox, Chrome, Google Drive, Slack, Github to bring your tasks even beyond the limits.

Available: Web, iOS and Android

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