Zoho SalesIQ: The Best Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

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Zoho SalesIQ review

No business is complete without happy customers. Companies should answer the queries of prospective buyers as well as resolve the complaints of existing customers on a real-time basis. In other words, the success of your business depends on the satisfaction level of the customers.

As a corporate, you can provide customer support in several ways. They include telephone support, email support and chat support. Someone may ask which is the most effective method to get a prompt reply to their questions. I don’t need a second thought to answer. It’s obviously chatting support.

I contacted customer care of banking services, e-commerce and other products over the past a few years. Mostly I preferred to reach them through chat. Do you know why? It is a friendly, interactive mode of communication which is able to build a strong relationship between the company and the end user.

This is a technology ruling world. Every business will have own website to showcase their products and services. If you are keen to provide excellent customer support and reach the new heights, you should add chat support on the website. It should be able to track your visitor’s activities and appear in front of them at the right time with proper guidance and suggestions. Isn’t it?

Zoho SalesIQ Review

Zoho SalesIQ is a perfect chat plugin for WordPress websites. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any complex configuration to start the operation.

After installing, create a new user account from their official site, copy your snippet code and paste it into your plugin settings. That’s it!

Now live chat is ready to use.

It provides real-time desktop notifications to your support staff as soon as a new visitor came and wants to speak with them. Zoho dashboard hosts live chats and store the details of completed as well as missed chats. Your customer care team can export the history as a document file, email and schedule appointments if needed.

With Zoho SalesIQ plugin, you can easily convert visitors into happy customers. It will monitor how your visitors are navigating through the site and provides valuable insights on their location, referrer source etc. So you can adopt a more personalized approach to handle their queries and feedback.

The plugin is intelligent to identify whether a visitor is new or returning to the store and automatically translate chat message into the language in which they are comfortable.

Zoho SalesIQ will be a great asset for your company website. It will boost your marketing efforts and helps you grow the business from any device platform. SalesIQ has native apps for iPhones, iPads and Android.

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