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How to Wirelessly Transfer Videos From Your Phone to a Computer

Transfer Videos

Transferring videos and other large files over Bluetooth is a time-consuming process. It will take a long time even though your file has just a few MBs size. If this’s the situation, how can we send movies in between the phone and computer?

Data cable is the possible solution for transferring large files including songs, videos, apps, and documents. But I am going to share a different method with you. It’s wireless and lets you transfer even large files within a few moments and without consuming any data. It is free, reliable and doesn’t require you to install any web client on the PC.

Most of you are familiar with Xender, the popular app to transfer files in between smartphones and from smartphone to a computer. It lets you share photos, videos, music, documents, apps across the platforms and devices.

Transfer videos from your phone to computer

Install Xender first on your mobile to start using the service. Once it installed, you can disable mobile data and turn on WiFi on both the devices. Internet connection is not required for the app to work.

Open Xender on mobile and tap your profile picture on the top to view the connectivity options.

Choose “Connect to PC” from the sliding panel. Now it will ask you to enter a particular URL on the computer browser. Do that to open a page where a QR code will be displayed to connect your devices. Scan the code through mobile Xender and wait to establish the connection.

Transfer Videos

It will show you how many images, videos, music, documents, apps, and folders you have on the phone. Click on each of them to view the respective files.

Transfer Videos

Mouse hover a file to get the individual download option. A down arrow button along with the delete option will appear to manage videos individually. If you want to download entire videos to the PC, tap the down arrow button on the top. All files will be downloaded at once.

Transfer videos from your computer to phone

Do you want to transfer files from PC to the phone? It is almost similar to the method we have seen just now. A blue color Upload button appears on the top of the page (check the above screenshot). Hit the button and choose desired files to transfer. That’s it.

Xender is easy to use and faster than Bluetooth or other similar file transfer protocols to share various types of files including HD movies, songs, documents, apps etc.

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