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15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

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15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

Facebook is easy to use and popular among people of all ages. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users as per the statistics released in the second quarter of 2018. As you know, China is the most populous country with 1.4 billion people according to the reports published by the US Census Bureau last month.

What does it mean?

On the basis of monthly active users, Facebook surpassed everything including the countries and dominates people interactions in the virtual world. No wonder why it’s known as the largest marketing place on the web. People from different regions, languages meet in a single platform and interact with each other on various topics.

If you are running a business or a blog, Facebook is the perfect choice to drive more traffic to your site. The social site provides various ways to improve your online presence and promote the brands to get more sales or visits.

In this post, we’ll tell you the 15 effective ways to use Facebook to drive more traffic to your website.

1. Facebook profile

Make your Facebook profile strong and relevant. Fill all your details including a short biography, contact info, website, and social media links. It helps others to know more about your profession and other activities.

Facebook lets you add website URLs in the About section of the profile. It will look like this,

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website 1

If you forgot to fill these details, visit About tab followed by Contact and basic info. Find websites and social links section and enter your details.

2. Create a business page

A business page is must for any website. If you don’t have a page yet, create one in the name of your site and add all required details including your website address, contact details, story, company overview etc.

Invite your friends to like the page and expand your network. When a content is published or a product is listed, communicate the same with your followers through the page posts. Monitor user engagements and respond to the comments you receive to boost their social media reachability and clicks.

3. Facebook groups

Groups are another excellent spots where you can meet people of similar interests. There are thousands of Facebook groups in various niches and subjects. Find relevant groups and promote your contents there in peak time to get more traffic from Facebook to your site. Don’t forget to follow-up your posts and check how other group members respond to them. Know how to schedule Facebook group posts from this article.

4. Create own group

If you have a good number of social media fans, create a group of followers to share contents and exclusive giveaways. Add people who work in the same niche and allow them to share their own contents in the group. It will strengthen your relationships and social media engagements.

Run daily group threads where members can leave their web links and exchange pageviews, add blog comments to reciprocate each other. Thus your website traffic will improve.

5. Tag friends

When a post is published, share it on your profile and tag friends who might be interested in it. They and their friends will come to know about your post and visit your page to read the full content. In the same way, you can tag business page posts also.

6. Use large images

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website 3

An image is the best tool to quickly attract the visitors. The above screenshot is the perfect example of tagging and using large images.

Set a large sized image as featured (around 600 x 400 px size) in your blog posts to improve their visibility on social media. A Facebook post with a large image will reach more audience than others. It will come into the sudden attention of the users and if interested, they will click on the link.

WordPress users can set a customized image for Facebook post thumbnails. To know more, read this post. Sometimes, Facebook fails to fetch an image from your web links and will show a blank ugly space instead of the post thumbnails. If you are facing any such issues, don’t hesitate to debug your post URL to rectify issues with your Open Graph tags.

7. Build relations

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

It’s time to build new relationships and maintain the existing followers. Share interesting posts of others on your Facebook wall, pages, and mention the authors in them. Give a mind-blowing caption to your shares which will impress the authors and build up your network. Everyone works on give and take principle. They will do the same to you and will share your posts among their network in return.

8. Add a Facebook share button on your posts

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

Let readers share your contents on the social network. Add a lightweight social media sharing plugin or icons on your pages to enable quick sharing.

There are several Facebook plugins available for WordPress powered websites which will improve user engagements on your site and expand the social media network. Read this post to know more.

9. Be active on the social site

Be consistent is social media posting and interact with people in your field. Ask questions, create polls to bring others more closely and know what they think about a particular incident or subject.

10. Pin Posts

Post pinning is another effective way to bring more Facebook traffic to your website. Find a post from your site which most likely readers will love, share it on your pages and own groups, and pin there to ensure that it will remain at the top as long as you wish or for at least one week in case of page posts.

11. Cover Images

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

Design a cover image for your Facebook profile, business page, and groups. Add your website name, logo, category, and contact details to the image to spread awareness about your business. The image should be created in the recommended size so as to appear all your contents within the frames.

These are the recommended image sizes for cover photos:

Facebook profile: 851 x 315 px

Facebook page:   828 x 315 px

Facebook groups: 820 by 462 px

12. Run contests and giveaways

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

Run contests and giveaways on your website and Facebook pages to engage the readers. Ask them to share your giveaway post on leading social networks, and messaging apps maximum times to increase their chances to win attractive prizes. You can offer a premium software, license code or e-books to the winners and select them on a random basis.

13. Create a photo album

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

Create a photo album on your profile, pages, and groups to share your post images. Enter a short description for each of them along with your post links. Who knows how many of your followers is going to open the images and clicks the links?

14. Videos

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

A video is another working method to drive Facebook traffic to your website. Upload a short video of your how-to tips, tutorials to Facebook and leave your links in the comments. Don’t forget to add a description to your videos and encourage the viewers to visit your site to know more.

My friend Ryan Biddulph of Bloggingfromparadise.com efficiently using Facebook videos to bring traffic to his blog and promote e-book sale.

15. Advertise

15 Effective Ways to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

Do you have money to invest? As I said earlier, Facebook is the largest marketing place with millions of active visitors from different parts of the world. Advertise your business on the social network and showcase your products in front of the targetted audience you choose. Facebook ads are highly customizable and let you optimize the campaigns based on various factors.

Explore the latest research trends, create ads from any device, analyze social media marketing strategies of your competitors and make necessary amendments in your plans to reach new customers and accomplish your business goals.

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