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30 Powerful Twitter Search Tricks to Find Any Kind of Old Tweet

twitter search

Twitter is simple but amazing. It connects people around the world in easy to use platform, gather their ideas, make debates and negotiating for future good. The main reason why it became the favorite network for professionals is that, its quality. We need not be talkative on the micro-blogging site and our expressions will reach the right audience if we are promptly using the site.

Some of my friends said that it is difficult to find our own old tweet at a later moment. I said no. We can recover any of our tweets with the help of Twitter search operators.

Go through the following list and use Twitter like a power user.


Tweets sent from the account UN


Tweets sent to the account UN


Tweets mentioning the account UN

from:UN china

Tweets from the account UN that contains the word China

from:wsj filter:media

Tweets from the account wsj that contains an image or video

from:mail to:guardian scoop ?

Tweets sent from the account “mail” to “guardian” that containing “scoop” and question mark

Academy Awards

Tweets containing the words “Academy” and “Awards”

“Academy Awards”

Tweets containing the exact phrase “Academy Awards”


Tweets containing the hashtag “oscar”

#Oscar filter:images

Tweets containing the hashtag “Oscar” and images

iPhone filter:vine

Tweets containing the word iPhone and a Vine

Hollywood filter:safe

Tweets containing the word Hollywood and marked as potentially sensitive removed.

iPhone filter:native_video

Tweets containing the word iPhone along with video files

iPhone filter:images

Tweets containing the word iPhone and photo links

iPhone -filter:images

Tweets containing the word iPhone and without images


sent from a Twitter account in the NASA list astronauts-in-space-now

iPhone since:2017-01-21

Tweets containing “iPhone” and sent from January 21st, 2017

iPhone until:2017-03-07

Tweets containing “iPhone” and sent until March 7th, 2017

iPhone since:2017-01-21 until:2017-03-07

Tweets containing “iPhone” and sent between these two days

Hollywood filter:links

Tweets containing “Hollywood” and linking to URL

Hollywood -filter:links

Tweets containing “Hollywood” and without any links

Dell url:amazon

Tweets containing “Dell” and a URL with the word amazon

Iraq or Syria

Tweets containing either “Iraq” or “Syria” words in it

Iraq -Syria

Tweets containing “Iraq” but not “Syria”

near:newyork within:10km

Tweets sent within 10 kms of New York city

“politics” near:Tokyo

Tweets containing politics and sent from near by Tokyo

news source:wsj

Tweets containing “news” and shared via wsj

movie -scary 🙂

Tweets containing “movie”, but not scary and with a positive attitude

game 🙁

Tweets containing “game” with a negative attitude

Flight lang:es

Tweets containing “Flight” in Spanish language

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