Top 10 Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools for Marketers

Hashtag Tracking tools

Twitter is one of the best destinations for the marketers. It can open countless sale opportunities, traffic with a single tweet. Unlike other social media platforms, you will get exciting tools to get everything you want from the microblogging site.

A marketer’s job won’t complete with a simple posting. He should properly monitor the latest trends in the market, analyze the growth of his campaign, social reach and much more to become a successful social media influencer. This process is complicated, actually. But with the help of some amazing tools, he can fulfill the tasks like melting an ice cream.

We pick up 10 best Twitter analytics tools to monitor and manage your marketing campaigns effectively.

1. SociAlert

Hashtag Tracking

I came to know about SociAlert in recent days and should say that it’s an excellent tool. Search for any hashtags or keywords to see the magic. It will show you real time tweets that match your criteria, the number of posts over a period of time, the number of users engaged with them, reach and impressions they got. You can analyze the trends in each country along with top influencers, mentions, related keywords, URLs, hashtag counts etc.

2. Hashtracking

Hashtag Tracking

Hashtracking is a powerful tool to follow hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. It lets you analyze the trends in real time basis along with engagement level, top users, related hashtags, platforms etc. You can store, archive tracking reports for later use or share them with other team members for detailed analysis.

3. Tweetreach

Hashtag Tracking

Tweetreach allows you to explore a hashtag, keyword or a user account to know its social reach. The tool will analyze your query and bring report within a couple of seconds that should contain the figures like estimated reach, exposure level, top contributors, impressions, retweets etc. You can save, download, print or even share reports for studying and redesigning campaigns.

4. Ritetag

Hashtag Tracking

Do you want to know which hashtag will work for you? Enter your desired tag and get the estimated statistics based on past tweet trends. RiteTag tells you daily, hourly averages of said keyword, whichever accounts used them and what is the level of its geographical distribution etc. So you can decide whether to move ahead with the same hashtag or choose from the alternative suggestions.

5. Hashtagify

Hashtag Tracking

Hashtagify is another tool to search deep into a certain hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. You will be informed with top 10 hashtags related to the searched keyword, their popularity, weekly and monthly trends of each of them. What else?

A responsive, influencers chart will teach you about top tweeters in the category and how much powerful their social account is. Do you want to explore further? Yes, it too possible. Hashtagify will scan and show the past usage trends of said keyword like activities on each day, hour and compare it with other chosen hashtags to unlock more opportunities.

6. Trendsmap

Hashtag Tracking

Trendsmap is simple but elegant. Just type your search query and look into the trends for a particular period. Filter results by language, country, region if needed.

The app will tell you how many tweets made during the period, what’s the retweet percentage, what’s the gender ratio, conversation percentage, top countries, cities, languages, source apps and much more in a well-optimized layout. I am really impressed with their quality and way of delivering the output. I am sure, you too will love it.

7. Keyhole

Hashtag Tracking

Track any hashtag, account, keyword, mention and URL using Keyhole. It will give an in-depth report that should cover the number of posts, their social reach, the number of users, impressions in a beautiful graphical chart. Related topics let you find, examine similar hashtags and keywords for use in upcoming campaigns.

Keyhole will bring the list of most influential accounts on the subject with their engagement level, the frequency of posting and Klout ranking. If interested, you can start following them for building relations and strengthening your social media reach.

8. Talkwalker

Hashtag Tracking

If you are serious about marketing, should use Talkwalker. Search a topic, brand or company to analyze the growth of conversations. It is easy to use and delivering the report using attractive graphical presentations. So you can easily understand the concept and research it made.

The report will have several segments like top countries, gender ratio, top hashtags, media types, top influencers, popular posts and so on.

9. Twubs

Hashtag Tracking

Twubs is a hashtag based community where you can join and submit links. Type your query in the top search box to get suggestions which can be used in the promotions. Otherwise, tap any relevant link to enter the connected room.

Hashtag registration is another key feature of Twubs. Using this, you can create a brandable hashtag and manage audience from a single dedicated page.

10. Socialbakers

Hashtag Tracking

Socialbakers is a fantastic analytics tool for various social media campaigns including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

It allows you to track conversations around your brand, product and topics. You can analyze engagement levels by geographical area, language, influencers, mentions and so on.

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