The Six Best Twitter Extensions for Google Chrome in 2019

The Six Best Twitter Extensions for Google Chrome

It is always best to stay connected with Twitter. Know what’s going on around the world, share your thoughts and interact with your followers even without visiting the micro-blogging site. Is it possible?

There are many Google Chrome extensions that let you access your Twitter account from any webpage you visit. They will help you to send tweets, get notifications, and respond to the comments in a single click. In this post, we list six best Google Chrome extensions that make your Twitter experience more simple and interesting.

These are our favorites,

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is our favorite tool to create and schedule tweets, monitor activities, get notifications, respond to the messages and others. It allows you to do all these things from a single dashboard with options to filter items based on the notification types, tweet contents, authors etc.

It is a great option for individuals as well as teams which supports multiple Twitter accounts too.  I am mostly using it for scheduling tweets and monitoring mentions.

TweetDeck for Chrome

2. Buffer

Buffer is a popular and widely acclaimed app for social media marketing. It supports all leading social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. Visit a web page that you want to tweet or share, click the Buffer extension to share, schedule or send it to your publishing queue.

Buffer for Chrome

3. Bird Nest for Twitter

Bird Nest is a simple Chrome extension to quickly tweet from anywhere on the web. Type your message or leave a page link and hit the tweet button to share. That’s it.

Bird Nest from Chrome

4. Notifier for Twitter

Notifier brings Twitter notifications like retweets, mentions, messages instantly and faster than any other similar apps. Thus it will keep update you with the latest happenings on your Twitter account.

Notifier for Chrome

5. Twitcher

Twitcher is a simple extension for multiple Twitter account holders. It lets you switch in between the accounts without sign in or sign out. Any account you signed in is saved and you can access them whenever you want.

Twitcher for Chrome

6. Easy for Twitter

Easy for Twitter is a simple and tiny app to quickly check your Twitter account. It will automatically start with the launch of Google Chrome and brings your Twitter timeline in a small window that appears on the right side of the screen.

Easy for Twitter for Chrome

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