6 Trends to Use for Your Website in 2020

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6 Trends to Use for Your Website

Nearly 100 percent of internet users now research companies online before they purchase goods or services. Whether you own a carpet cleaning service or you want to create a website for the jewelry you make, it is important to create a website that makes use of 2019’s most popular trends in website design.

1. Vibrant Color Schemes

Psychology has long believed that color can make an impression on someone’s mood, and web design is going all out by making color schemes one of the most important parts of design in 2020. Supersaturation and other vibrant shades are taking over where web designers once stuck to web-safe colors. These colors, which work because of the technological advances in computer monitors and mobile screens, are most useful for new brands that want to attract attention and set themselves apart from other, more traditional brands. Stacked color layers add depth and texture to your website.

2. Mobile Compatibility

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Each year, the number of people who access websites via their mobile browser grows. This means it is especially important for you to have a mobile-friendly website. If you want to make your website mobile-friendly, use a roll-out menu. These menus don’t take up any room–they don’t show up unless tapped–which means they are perfect for someone who is browsing via their smartphone or tablet. However, this means you may need to re-think your design big. Large photos might not load as well on a mobile device. Simpler photos and designs make it easier for someone to navigate your website via their iPhone or Android device.

3. Asymmetrical Designs

2017 and before was all about the streamlined layout. Since late 2017, web design has taken a turn for the asymmetrical. These “broken” layouts are still going strong this year because of their distinctive, unique and sometimes downright experimental designs. Unconventional layouts step away from the box to provide a more eclectic and less conventional approach to web design. These asymmetrical designs often overlap text onto images and create a lack of hierarchy in their blog or page links. People who are looking for something new will love this new design.

4. Cinemegraphs

GIFs have long been the preferred method of communication across social media platforms, but now they are useful in the business world as well. Professional web developers are using GIFs and high-quality videos, known as cinemagraphs, to add visual interest to otherwise text-heavy sites. The movement draws in the viewer and often makes them want to read more information.

5. Super Minimal Layouts

In 2019, less is more. Even minimal layouts are too busy for some of today’s most innovative web designers. Some designers are turning to stark white designs with a single word or image that users can click around on to find more information or to follow companies to their social media profiles. While this is a design trend, it probably works best for creative businesses like photography studios or graphic design companies.

6. Hand-Drawn Fonts

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When you make your own website, it is important to make it unique. In 2018, there is nothing quite as unique as a hand-drawn font. If you have the creative juices, you can make them yourself. If you lack the artistic gene, you can hire someone to draw fonts for you. These typefaces add character and interest to all types of websites, which is probably why you recognize the style from practically all over the internet.

These six tips are a great resource for starting your business website but remember that less really is more. To prevent your site from becoming outdated very quickly, choose only two or three of these design elements. It is also important to ensure your site is readable via mobile devices as nearly 60 percent of mobile internet users won’t recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile website.

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