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How to Track and Show Post Views in WordPress

Post Views WordPressSome themes have an inbuilt feature to track and show post views in WordPress. They will count each of your page loads and add the number to easily analyze how much popular your post is.

What will you do if your theme is not able to track the page views?

Post Views WordPress

Install Post View Counter plugin from the WordPress library first. It is a simple, light-weight plugin to know how many times a post, page or custom post type has been viewed.

You can choose post types for which post views will be counted and displayed. The plugin allows you to check the views from the dashboard with ability to show them in the frontend. As an admin, you can manually set views count for each post.

After the installation, go to Settings > Post Views Counter to configure the plugin. Choose your post type, counter mode and exclude visits of the robots, user roles from the count. Check Restrict Edit box to limit views editing to admins only.

Click on Display tab to manage display settings. Go to User Type and select user roles for whom you want to hide the views. Choose all user roles other than the administrator to show views only to you.

Set the counter position where would you like to display the post views counter. You can show it before the content, after the content or manually using a shortcode. Configure other sections and save changes.

Post Views WordPress

Post Views Counter plugin will start counting your page views and display them in All Posts screen & Single posts pages based on your settings.