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Top Cloud Storage Services for 2018- 25GB or More Free Usage

cloud storage

Cloud storage is just like a bank deposit. You can store any amount of data on third party servers and can access it anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to the net. It’s very useful for backing up any kind of data including documents, pictures, videos, website contents etc.

There are several free cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc to store files in reliable, highly secured vault. Now we are giving some more choices where you can store a large amount of data without any cost.

1. MultiCloud

Free usage: 2 TB

MultiCloud offers a huge amount of free space for all users. It can be used to manage multiple cloud drives from a single interface. MultiCloud lets you transfer files from one cloud to another, sync them across the services etc. It supports more than 26 cloud storages and you need not go to each site to transfer contents from one to another. MultiCloud reduces your headache of managing all online backups from different websites. Its premium plans start from $ 7.99 per month with unlimited data traffic and other advanced options.

2. Degoo

Free storage: 100 GB

Degoo is popular cloud solution for your PC and smartphone. It’s reliable and highly secure service that stores your contents at multiple locations or in ultra-secure data centers of Google and Amazon. So you won’t lose your data in any circumstances. Its premium plans start from $ 9.99 per month with 2000 GB of free usage.

3. Mega

Free storage: 50 GB

Launched in 2013, Mega is most favorite in this category. The main notable feature of Mega is that all files are encrypted locally via javascript before they are uploaded. It works well on your devices and lets you customize uploads in various ways. Its premium subscription starts from $ 4.99 per month with 200 GB free space.

4. Hubic

Free storage: 25 GB

Forget about external hard drives if you have a Hubic account. It stores all your file types and syncs them across the devices. You need not bother about the safety of your data as they store in three different sites in Europe. Hubic has separate applications for your Android, Windows, iOS phones and tablets. Its premium plans start from $ 1 per month with 100 GB free storage and many other features.

5. QuickPic

Free Storage for images: 1000 GB

QuickPic is image gallery alternative for your Android. It offers free huge space for backing up all your favorite moments. It will automatically upload your mobile photos into cloud according to your settings.