Top 25 Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google

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There are several reasons for choosing Google Chrome as our default browser. It is simple, user-friendly and powered by tons of extension tools. We will get browser assistants for almost any need, from productivity to creativity, planning to documentation, blogging to search engine optimization, password management to social media share and many others.

We listed over 100 Google Chrome extensions so far across blogging, social media marketing, SEO and web security categories. Hope you already read them.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google

It’ll be interesting to know whatever extensions are launched by Google to simplify and enhance your browsing experience. We pick the top 25 from them. They are fit to perform your various daily tasks, reduce efforts and let you access the web easier than before.

1. Google Translate – Translate any webpage, text to your native language. Highlight, right-click on a text and choose Google Translate from the shortcut menu to get it translated. It is a great tool while browsing through the foreign language pages or complex words, phrases etc.

2. Google Mail Checker – It will show the number of unread messages in your Gmail inbox. Click the button to open your inbox.

3. Office Editing – View and edit office files like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint with Google document tools. Each file will be opened in Docs, Sheets, and Slides for viewing and editing.

4. Earth View – Start your browsing with a beautiful earth view image from Google Earth. It will display a satellite image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.

5. Inbox by Gmail – Save any weblink to Inbox or email it with one click.

6. Bookmark Manager – Bookmark pages, add images and notes to them with Bookmark Manager extension. The items can be organized across the folders. So you can locate them easily at a later moment. The sync feature lets you access the bookmarks from any device that you use Google Chrome browser.

7. Save to Google Drive – Save a web content, screenshot or image directly to Google Drive with right-click on the item.

8. Password Alert – If you enter your Google Account password into some other website other than Google sign-in page, you will receive an alert to immediately change the password. This is to prevent possible infringements from the cybercriminals to your Google account.

9. Google Arts & Culture – It will show a beautiful artwork from Google Arts & Culture each time you open a new tab in Chrome.

10. Google Input Tools – Type in the language of your choice. It provides virtual keyboards with support to over 90 languages and handwriting inputs for over 40 languages.

11. Google Calendar – Quickly check Google Calendar and add new events from the websites you visit.

12. Google Dictionary – It’s a fantastic way to get the meaning of a word. Double-click a text to view its definition in a small pop-up box.

13. Data Saver – Browse more with fewer data. Google will compress the pages before you visit and thus reduces your data usage. Data Saver is a nice extension to reduce your internet charges to some extent.

14. Search by Image – Right-click on any image to search for similar images on the web.

15. Google Voice – This extension is exclusively for people in the US. Make calls, send SMS, preview Gmail messages and get new mail notifications.

16. Google Publisher Toolbar – Monitor your AdSense account, view earnings and block unsuitable ads on your website. The extension will work with your Ad Exchange, DoubleClick publisher accounts too.

17. Personal Blocklist – Block domains and websites from appearing in your Google search results. The links will be shown along with the block option, just click on that and the domain will be removed from all your future search results.

18. RSS Subscription Extension – This extension auto-detects RSS feeds on the pages you are visiting, preview and allows you to subscribe and get regular updates.

19. Google Similar Pages – It is another interesting Google product for the Chrome browser. Discover webpages similar to the topics or pages you are browsing, preview and explore them.

20. Tag Assistant – Are you facing any installation issues of Google tags in Google Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager and others? If so, Tag Assistant is for you. It helps you to find errors and troubleshoot with your tag implementation.

21. Share to Classroom – Great companion for teachers and students to create interactive, web-oriented classes. They can share web pages each other & teachers can post announcements, create assignments, set a due date and more with the extension.

22. Google Keep – Save a webpage, image or quote to Google Keep for later access. Add notes, assign categories, labels to easily locate them at a later moment.

23. High Contrast – High Contrast lets you apply color filters on each page and make them easier to read. Turn on or off high contrast, invert colors, invert grayscale either globally or only on the current page.

24. Send from Gmail – Quickly share a link or send an email with a mouse click. It will use your current page title as the email subject and the selected text, link as the message.

25. Google Tasks – Create tasks from whatever web pages you are visiting. Click the Tasks icon to add a new task, view existing tasks, task lists and easily mark them as completed.

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