5 Tips to Build a Blogging Brand

5 Tips to Build a Blogging Brand

Wait a second.

Why would a little old blogger need to build a brand? Google, Apple, and Facebook build brands. Branding is for billion-dollar companies, right?


Whether you know it or not, every blogger brands. Some bloggers do a poor job building a brand. Other bloggers do an awesome job building a brand.

Bloggers need brands to stand out from the crowd. Your core message makes a firm impress on the minds of readers, not unlike a cowboy branding cattle.

Brands are memorable. Even new bloggers with 10 readers need a memorable brand to grow into something special.

Every blogger should build a clear, recognizable brand to move up in blogging circles and to land features on prominent websites. I was able to land interviews on Forbes, Virgin, Fox News, and Entrepreneur because I had a clear vision of my blogging brand and built it up slowly and steadily, to pop up on the radar screen of contributors from these world-famous publications.

Tips to Build a Blogging Brand

How do you build a strong blogging brand?

Follow these 5 tips.

1: Create Your Brand Message

McDonald’s makes you feel good…..and hungry.

Apple makes you feel special and exclusive.

Nike motivates you to just get the job done.

Create a brand message to lay the foundation for your blog and brand.

I help bloggers retire to a life of island hopping. Every piece of content I produce comes attached with an image of tropical paradises I visited. Ditto for every guest post published on my blog; I include an image of some paradise I enjoyed.

My brand message makes you feel like you are island hopping with me. This is why every one of my eBook, audiobook, paperback and course covers is graced with my Blogging From Paradise logo and a personal picture I snapped during my world travels.

Design a brand logo to embody your brand message.

Or hire a developer to design your logo for you.

I am beside palm trees for the Blogging From Paradise logo. Simple as pie. I also back this logo up with a simpler, Ryan-free, image of palms in paradise.

Visualize what your message speaks. Then, paint a picture.

Keep your image simple to convey a powerful message.

3: Buy a Premium or Custom Theme

What better way to stand out than by buying a premium or custom theme?

Brand yourself effectively with a one-of-a-kind, bespoke blog theme. Nobody can copy you. Or just buy a premium theme to grab a few eyes.

Invest in standing out to brand your blog effectively.

4: Blog on Topic

I inspire and uplift people.

I blog from inspiring, uplifting energy.

If I published a negative, nasty, insulting blog post I would go off-brand and confuse my readers.

Some guest bloggers pitched me on the idea of being controversial and challenging me and my lifestyle, only to turn around and agree with me. Why? Doing so would go off-brand and turn off my readers.

Blog on topic. Maintain brand integrity.

5: Do Not Sell Out Your Brand

By all means; monetize through 100 income channels if you want to. I have no problems making big bucks and thinking abundantly.

But when you sell out by opening income streams not aligned with your brand, trouble ensues.

For example, I never do income claims on my blog. Seems to attract the wrong, desperate, or greedy crowd, and I prefer to inspire people to live their dreams versus obsessing solely about money. If I advertised a get rich quick banner on my sidebar I would be selling out my brand, destroying brand integrity and a few readers would definitely stop reading my blog. Even good friends would avoid promoting me if the ad was obnoxious and off-brand enough.

Never sell out your brand for anything or anyone. I dissolved friendships in an instant when former friends turned nasty or said offensive things via my blog comments or through social media. I will never associate with angry, unhappy, disturbed bloggers because it messes up my energy and looks bad for my blog and brand.


Get super clear on your brand.

Build a vision of your brand, create your message, design your logo, and remain true to your brand to become a successful blogger.

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