13 Time Management Tips for Busy Bloggers

13 Time Management Tips for Busy BloggersPin

Are you losing your clients one by one? Are you missing your deadlines? Maybe you are not managing your time well. Time management is an essential factor that will help you to become a successful blogger.

If you have problems managing your time, below are 13 time management tips a busy blogger can consider.

Time Management Tips for Bloggers

1. Get Rid of Distractions

The main culprit of delayed works and why one missing their deadlines are distractions. All of us are guilty of this, and we should learn to get rid of this fast, or we will suffer the consequences. Once you start working on your blog, make sure you eliminate the distractions. Also, quit multitasking. If you think you can do more by doing this, you are wrong. It will only make your situation worse. Stick on one task and finish it first before proceeding to another.

Cut out on all the unnecessary things to help you stay on the path to achieving your goals. If your main objective is to increase your blog’s reach on Instagram, then keep off Twitter.

2. Setting Goals to Manage Time

Setting goals is easy, but at the same time, you need to maintain it throughout the process. You need to identify your goals, how and when you want to complete it.

Make sure not to set big goals from the start. Complete small goals first, it will prepare you for the more significant and more critical tasks. If you start with big goals and you fall short of completing it, it imparts a negative thing in mind. It might affect other work and result in a bigger problem.

3. Schedule Your Work Accordingly

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Scheduling your work accordingly is the best way to balance your life. Most bloggers work from home, which makes scheduling work much more manageable. People may differ on time where they are productive. Some are more productive in the morning while others in the evening.

Bloggers can complete more tasks during the time when they are most productive. If you feel energized and fresh in the morning, then take advantage of it and try to achieve more. When you start feeling tired and exhausted after several hours of working, take some rest, and work again if you feel productive again.

4. Make a To-Do List

If you get bored with the task you are working on, take a rest, and you can work on other small jobs like cleaning the room. So to make sure you will not waste time, it is best to make a to-do list. To balance everything, it is also best to make a not-to-do list.

Take note of the things you need to avoid and your bad habits as well. It is best to spend time on unnecessary things when you are unproductive. Before going to bed, create a to-do list for tomorrow. This will give you a clear idea of what you will have for the entire day the next day.

5. Manage Your Time Accordingly and Set Your Priority Right

List down all the tasks that you need to complete for the day. Then categorize it depending on the importance of the job or deadline. This will give you a clear view of which task you should do first and which task you can do later. Of course, the number one on your list is the most critical task or with the nearest deadline.

This will help you not to miss any deadline, and you will be able to complete more.

6. Check Out Some Helpful Mobile Apps


Nowadays, there are lots of helpful apps that you can use to finish your tasks. You can use WordPress to help you in posting your blogs and Trello to organize all your tasks. There are several WordPress themes that you can choose from. To effectively manage your time in Trello, it is best to download the Trello time tracking addon. There are lots of time tracking online, but Time notes will work best on it.

7. Stick to Deadline

After making a to-do list, it is best to set a deadline on every task. Working from home gives you the option to work on your own time, and many people love the convenience and freedom. However, this also gives an invitation to many distractions. So you need to save yourself from this, set some time limit on every task.

You need to follow the schedule that you have set strictly. Setting a deadline is necessary to push yourself to work hard and complete the task in time.

8. Don’t Forget to Note Down Important Facts or Ideas

It is not enough to keep everything in your mind. There comes a time when your memory is not as sharp as you think it is before. Writing down important facts is a good practice. Either you jot it down in your notebook or save it in Google Docs so you can access it easily anytime. Some of the ideas would simply pop out in your mind. These ideas might help you complete the task, so make sure you keep it in a safe place. Just don’t forget where you have written it.

9. Take a break

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Let’s face it! You are human, and you need to take a break and release the stress and pressure, so we can function at our best again. During the break, you will have the time to rebuild yourself for the next session. It will also help you regain creativity and productivity, as well. So, make sure to take breaks at regular intervals. Relax and re-energize your mind. Avoid continuous working. It is not suitable for your work and your health as well.

10. Create an Outline

To some bloggers/writers, they practice it always, but for others, they tend to skip it. They are not aware that it will help them in completing the task fast. Clients are very particular on the consistency of your work. If you practice outlining first before you start working, your articles will be easier to read, and people will enjoy reading your content. Your effort in writing is reduced.

11. Proofread, Check, and Edit

You don’t want to rework your work if your clients find any fault on it. After completing your task, don’t forget to proofread it and edit before submitting it. This will surely save more time. Check on the grammar errors, punctuations error, and other apparent flaws in your work. Anyway, it will only take you a few minutes to proofread your work.

12. Organize your Life

It doesn’t mean that your life is a mess. You just need to keep everything organized, so you don’t neglect anything. For instance, dedicate maybe 6 to 8 hours writing, 2 hours doing your household choir, 2 hours preparing your meal for the whole day, 2 hours for yourself, and 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

If you have children around, make sure that you spend your time with them while they are at home and when they needed you. By doing this, you will have a balanced life. If you can, don’t work during weekends. Depending on your religion, make sure that you have time for your spiritual health.

13. Assess How You Spend Your Day

Before you go to sleep, assess how you spend your time. Is it productive enough to reach your goals? If not, think of something that can help you reach your goal effectively. Maybe there is some wrong on your scheduling, or is there something that distracts your attention. This is the best way to become more productive. You might have completed less today, but tomorrow is another day, and with some adjustments, you might be able to reach your goal.


The key to a busy blogger is time management. If you keep the above tips in mind, reaching your goal is easier than you think. If you have any questions or want to share something, feel free to comment.

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