This Facebook App Can’t be Used If You Are Not a Celebrity

How to Attain Immense Popularity on Facebook

Facebook has designed a new app exclusively for verified users. It will allow celebrities to use the social network in a new way. The app, called Facebook Mentions, won’t work for you unless you have verified mark on public pages.

By new app, Facebook wants to increase the engagement of actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, companies on pages. ‘Mentions’ can be easily used on the go.

Main features of the app:

  • Helps users to start a conversation with themselves and with followers.
  • Share updates, photos, videos and host live Q&As from the phone
  • Join trending or popular conversations with them without going to computers
  • Get the latest notifications from the people they follow, and on their own posts.

Facebook Mentions app

“Nearly 800 million people are connected to public figures on Facebook, and interacting with athletes, musicians, actors and other influencers is an important part of their experience.” Allison Swope, Product Manager to Facebook, announced.

“From cheering on World Cup players to checking out updates from favorite celebrities, there are more than a billion interactions between public figures and their fans on Facebook every week. We want to make these interactions even better.” The official blog post says.