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Statusbrew Review: How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Like a Pro

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Have you started using a social media management tool to automate your social media activities and stay on top of the social media? There are numerous social media management tools available in the market and each one of them has different capabilities and pricing options. Being in the industry, I have been tested several social media management tools and comparing all the tools that I have used for social media automation Statusbrew stand tall amongst them all.

It offers a lot of exciting and distinctive features at a low cost that makes it one of the best social media management tool.

Let’s have a quick look at the features of Statusbrew app:

What is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew is a powerful social media management tool. It promises to offer a unified solution to all your social media requirements. With the help of this tool, you can streamline all your social media scheduling on different social media platforms. Moreover, you can monitor and grow your audience on major social media platforms.

Publish to different social media channels with just one click: If you are promoting your business or brand on more than one social media accounts, then you can effortlessly manage all your social media accounts. You can integrate all your major social media accounts such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ on a single platform.

The publish feature helps you to save your time in managing all your social media channels. You can create and schedule your posts on different social media platforms with just one click. The category feature available in Statusbrew set it apart from other social media management tool. With this feature, you can schedule your posts on various social media platforms even days, weeks or months ahead.

There is also a CSV upload feature available in this tool that helps you to upload posts in bulk on social media.

Grow your audience on Twitter: With Statusbrew audience feature you can grow and manage your audience on Twitter. You can manage your audience efficiently on Twitter and clean the spam and unwanted accounts on Twitter.

The filter option gives you the freedom to choose whom you want to follow or unfollow.

Moreover, the grow feature gives you the ability to find the right people on Twitter. You can also monitor the followers of your competitor adding them as a source. You can even copy the followers of your competitor.

Share awesome blog post with RSS feed: With Statusbrew RSS feed you can add awesome blogs and websites with just one click. This makes your job easy to find the right content online.

Detailed Report:

Statusbrew provides you a detailed report and lets you know how your content is performing on different platforms. Moreover, you can find the demography location of your audience. Also, you can evaluate the engagement of your content on different social media platforms. You can analyze the likes, shares, engagement, and impressions of your content.

Associate With Your Team: With help of this tool, you can get connected with your team and assign them different roles. You can invite your team members to emails and assign them different roles. This feature can help you to manage your social media accounts efficiently.