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How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in One Click

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How to improve my website’s speed?

Every website owner has asked this question at least once. Traffic and speed are mutually related. You won’t get traffic if the site takes a long time to load.

Check your blog speed with Google PageSpeed Insights or other popular tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix. They will access your link from different locations, browsers, devices and guide you on what type of corrections are needed to improve the performance.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in One Click 1

Google will give a green signal to your blog if it’s able to attain the score of 80 out of 100. It means the blog is well optimized and readers are not facing any lagging issue while browsing the contents. But a red or yellow signal requires our attention.

Google will suggest various kinds of corrections for a better user experience. It will show you which part of the site causing the slow speed issue and how to rectify them.

Non-compressed images may negatively affect your blog. Know how to compress them to automagically improve the speed.

Minification is another major part you need to consider. It is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality and makes your page light-weight. We should thoroughly optimize  HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes to load site smoother and faster.

How to minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript files in  WordPress

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in One Click 3

Autoptimize empowers you to optimize the site easily and within a few moments. It will minifies all scripts and styles, compress them, optimize codes, cache files, defer scripts to the footer etc.

The plugin can reduce the page loading time as well as the load on your server by optimizing HTML part. It will combine all your javascript files into a single file and minifies to ensure the smooth reading experience. Autoptimize will do the same job with CSS codes also. It can injects CSS in the page head, combines stylesheets and minifies them for a lightning speed.

After activation, go to the settings to manage the plugin.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in One Click 5

Check the optimize box under each head to manage HTML, JavaScript, and CSS parts. If you want to see the advanced options, tap the advanced settings tab from the top right corner. But I think basic settings are enough to see the changes. You may face compatibility issues while activating advanced features which are essential for some themes to load. Go with only those things with which you are familiar, under the advanced tab.

Save Changes and Empty Cache to update the site. The plugin adds Autoptimize button on the top toolbar and taps it to optimize your site with one click.

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