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How to Add Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress Posts without Using Any Plugin

Social Sharing Buttons

We love to share interesting web contents with friends and followers. That’s why social media sharing buttons are very common in any kind of site.

No website or blog is complete without social media integration. If the content is getting enough shares from the readers, you can cut short the time of marketing.

We know that social media is the key player in building instant traffic and using it, you can spread awareness among enthusiasts about your latest posts.

We can find out a handful of sharing plugins in WordPress. They are cute and can be added to your posts and pages without doing any complex work. But if you’re trying to reduce the plugin load and want to insert buttons manually, I will tell you how.

How to use Po.st

Po.st is an amazing tool to insert various types of social sharing buttons in websites. It includes standard, floating, native share buttons and the same for sharing images and newsletters.

Social Sharing Buttons

Sign up to the site using your website URL and email. After finishing the process, tap Administration from the top navigation menu. Click Add Profile button to create an account for the site. If you have multiple sites, have to create accounts for each of them.

Tap Social Tools from the top menu, followed by sharing buttons. Make sure that you are in the correct profile which shows on the top right side.

Social Sharing Buttons

Now you will get a new screen where you can configure the icons. Choose your template first.

Social Sharing Buttons

Scroll down to find other customization settings.

Services: Choose your desired social services. Select them from the left box, then tap Add. Chosen services will appear on the right side box.

Arrangement: Do you want to show the icons in a vertical or horizontal layout?

Background color: Background color for the icons

Symbol color: Choose color for the symbol

Shape:  Square, rounded or circle icons

Size:    Icon size

Counters: Enable, disable counters

Explore Advanced settings for further customizations. Tap green Save & Update button at the bottom to save your configurations.

It shows the installation code as the last option.

Social Sharing Buttons

We should insert this code in your theme files.

Sign in to your WordPress website.

At the time of editing the core files, make sure you are using a Child Theme so that all your changes remain safe even after the update.

Go to Appearance > Editor > single.php and look for this code there:

<h1 class="entry-title title single-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>

Add your Po.st script below this code and save. Your social media buttons will appear in the posts after the main heading.

How to show social icons at the bottom of posts

For that, we need to install sharing tool code. In Po.st screen, scroll down again to the bottom ( Po.st > Sharing Tools > Update) until you see Install sharing tool code.

It should be like this,

<div class=”pw-server-widget” data-id=”xxxxxx”></div>

copy the same and paste it to Single.php, after

<?php the_content(); ?>

Finally, tap Update file button to save changes.

Po.st is an excellent tool which offers sharing analytics, URL shortener as free additional services. So you can track readers activities in terms of most shared posts, networks, daily statistics and countries. If you are not interested in using those additional services, free to disable them from Administration > Profile > Cross-tool settings.

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