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Five Social Media Tactics That can Boost Conversion Rates

Five Social Media Tactics That can Boost Conversion Rates

There are numerous ways to find out the importance of social media today, one of them being a large number of people that are joining social media platforms daily.

It is impossible to say that social media will not work for your type of product or brand, because there is both an audience for all kinds of products, and a variety of social media platforms to befit your need. If you want to find value in social media’s impact on businesses and websites, check out Sharedcount.com for inspiration.

In an ideal world, being on social media should almost immediately start yielding results for your websites, particularly as to matters traffic flow. Why then isn’t it working? While social media takes time to produce results, there are a variety of social media tactics you can employ to boost your conversion rates among them these five:

1. Schedule posts

Social media can be pressurizing. You have access to such a broad audience consisting of people from different parts of the world living in different time zones, which is quite a stretch for you.

Scheduling posts will let you remain active on social media even when you are not literary online. Scheduling ensures your timeline is always busy and that your audience still has something to feed on, else they run off to the arms of your competitors.

Since it can be a little overwhelming, you can use social media tools like DrumUp or Buffer, to manage all your social media accounts from one place and schedule for customized posts unique for every platform.

2. Upfront quality content

Your audience should not have to think twice before reading the entire content in your copy. You have to do it right from the start, and then work on keeping their attention long enough to check out more from your brand.

Quality content builds you a regarded reputation online, making you an authority in your industry. If people trust you enough as a source of information, you will get a massive traffic flow headed to your website.

Diversify your content by including more than just copy, for example, videos, GIFs, infographics, pictures, memes, and other types. Let your audience know that they can bank on you for high-quality content, whether informative, entertaining or guiding.

3. Repurpose and reshare your content

Creating quality content is good, but sharing it enough to grasp the attention of your target audience is better. Some of your posts may not receive the deserved traction, but that is not a death sentence for them. Repurpose some of your great pieces adding in fresh and up-to-date details to give them a second chance.

The trick is to change the meta description to achieve a more likable snippet, coupled up with newer elements within your copy, like the use of images, questions or quotes.

4. Consistency

Social media platforms are numerous, and the pressure is overwhelming. You can quickly get caught up in different social media platforms and lose grip of your brand. Consistency is key if you are to thrive on social media.

The first sign of consistency is usernames. Make it easy for your target audience to find you across all platforms. Be consistent with the information you share in your platforms, both in content and profile details, which will tell people that you are in control of your brand, and they will be more drawn to you.

5. Link Earning

When people talk of link building, they forget to lay enough emphasis on link earning. It goes more than just getting your site to be noticed. If you do link earning right, you stand a chance to build a credible reputation as a trusted source of information.

Today, brand mentions are a huge part of link earning, only linkless. If people are talking about you, referencing your site and mentioning your brand or product, you will rank better on search engines, and achieve higher conversion rates. The relationships you keep on social media and your participation in people’s ideas and opinions draw attention to your brand, which you can follow up with a high-quality link.

While there are unending opportunities to make it big on social media, it can still be overwhelming and complicated to yield desired results. However, with these five tactics, you will do alright!

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