How To Build Your Social Media Strategy During The Times Of The COVID-19 Pandemic?

How To Build Your Social Media Strategy During The Times Of The COVID-19 PandemicPin

Using Instagram for marketing is not new. Social media has been the top marketing tool for online marketers for a long time. However, this COVID-19 pandemic has

created unprecedented and unexpected circumstances. Consumer behavior and revenue generation are adversely hit. Businesses are facing financial crises, and economies of countries are struggling. And thriving in this extraordinary time seems very difficult.

So, how do you tap into the attention of your audience base, when the limelight is reserved for the pandemic?

Do not worry. We have compiled you a list of six crucial strategies that might be effective for you. Read further to know more regarding the top expert-suggested social media strategies.

Why is building a social media strategy important?

Before we dive into the list, let us understand why social media is so crucial for you.

With the increased importance of social media and its influence, it has proved to be a vital investment platform for almost all organizations. According to an estimation, about 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises use social platforms for their businesses. In the year 2019, 90 billion USD was spent on social networking advertisement. The investment is massive because the engagement of the audience in social media is massive.

The above figures were when the world didn’t face the pandemic. Imagine social media engagement when more than half of the world’s population is at home. There was a massive 70% increase in Facebook and all its apps only in March.

But, posting your business ideas and advertisements amid a huge critical information pool of COVID-19 is difficult. Creating lasting and personalized relationships with your audience is the key to thrive in this pandemic. And to do that you need to modify the traditional techniques and adopt the new set of virtual advertising techniques. This is where our list comes handy. Let’s begin.

1. Do not stop posting

At first, it might seem strange and inappropriate to post something that is not related to COVID-19. A lot of people probably discuss only COVID-19. But there might be some people who want an escape from the COVID-19 news. They want something else. Therefore, you must create content that can be useful for both. Create something that can add spice for the escapists and add values for those thinking only about the pandemic.

2. Conduct virtual events/sessions

The promotion of your events and sessions among your digital audience is crucial. With the vast reach of social media, let your supporters and followers know that you are active. This will greatly help you promote your digital events and also give your audience some thoughtful content to think about. Additionally, go live, share your experience and stories, and connect with your followers. You can conduct events like ‘ask me anything’ at your various social media platforms.

3. Follow your best practices

The planet is indeed undergoing extraordinary challenges in this COVID-19 pandemic. But following your best practices is still valid. The impactful stories provide a way for the audience to connect with you. They get a medium to get them involved in your campaigns. Remember that your followers follow you because they like you and your work. Don’t be afraid that you are discussing something that is not related to the COVID-19. They might get inspiration and motivation from you and your values.

4. Test new methods and ad creativities

Trying out new methods and ad creativities might create better engagement for your audience. Perhaps, this is the time to test out an improvised and creative change of your digital strategies. It is recommended to opt for a new ad set rather than just modifying the existing one. You can shift your content strategies by implementing new things like creative posters and illustrators, changing your video contents, custom audience, landing pages, etc. Or you can try out various online contests, quizzes, and giveaways to boost the thrill among your fans.

**Tip: Do not test out more than one element. It might be difficult for you to gauge the success of your new strategy.

5. Acknowledge the situation

Acknowledging the situation with a concern for your audience will let them feel that you are with them. Connect the COVID-19 situation with your work to depict that you and the audience are both suffering. And both of you will emerge again together. Take the necessary steps to showcase the value of your brand. It will significantly establish an online reputation for you and your brand. People will remember that you didn’t leave them in a difficult time.

6. Understanding your audience is the key

ROI is indeed a crucial element of a business. But, in this unfortunate time, do not just focus on the ROI. Focus on your audience. Instead of searching how to get more Instagram followers, try searching how to impress your audience base. Attract the audience with your creativity.

Marketing depends on empathy. Therefore, you must have a good relationship with your audience. Finding out what your followers think and feel during the pandemic is the key. Check and research what your customers demand. Understand the audience. Analyze their time table and deliver what they need. In this way, you can ensure a good relationship build-up with your followers.


This pandemic has forced us to follow social distancing. But, it has given splendid opportunities for marketers and businesses to come closer with their audience. There is always a positive and compassionate side of a business story. Blending this opportunity with the right mix of creativity and hard work can do the job.

It takes patience and skills to create a perfect social media strategy to impress your audience. Thus, it is recommended to use the help of some professional software. Partnering with them will help you organize and utilize the best resources in the market. They will guide you to understand the most suitable strategies that you might require to boost your sales.

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