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How to Schedule and Recycle Your Social Media Posts with SocialOomph

How to Schedule and Recycle Your Social Media Posts with SocialOomph

Social media marketing is the modern form of traditional marketing that can drive more visits to your contents and boost the business. It will promote things in leading social networks or in other words, millions of global internet users.

An efficient marketer knows how to promote your products in front of a large audience and make them spend the money. In the same way, a social media automation tool should be able to run the campaigns successfully with powerful features and track the progress to detect mistakes and improve the strategies.

Post scheduling is one of the main features of such tools to share contents at the peak time when your visitors most likely to spend time on social sites. Most of our social sites don’t allow users to schedule things without investing in their promotional campaigns. But the biggest hurdle is that you have to spend money on each network from where you want to bring the traffic and sales.

A social media marketing tool is not just for scheduling things. It will also provide you powerful insights on campaigns and let you know what kind of improvements you need to make to maximize the benefits. Monitor user interactions, clicks on each of your links and respond to the mentions to enhance your customer relationships and social media reachability.

Why Socialoomph?

Digital Business

SocialOomph is a clean, powerful tool to promote your posts on social media. It is easy to use and supports sharing on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can even schedule posts from RSS feeds, email, bulk upload updates with a SocialOomph account.

Do you want to schedule and publish posts on your blogs without login to the site?

Yes, it is also possible via Socialoomph. It is a great app to automate your social media campaigns, blog updates, and others.

Schedule and recycle contents with Socialoomph

SocialOomph allows you to schedule and publish contents on multiple social accounts in simple steps. You can either send the post immediately or schedule it for later.

Sign into your SocialOomph account first. Connect all social accounts that you want to use for promotions by going to the ‘Networks’ menu on the top and choosing ‘Connect Social Account’ from the sub-menu options.

Once all your accounts are connected, click ‘Posting’ menu on the top and select ‘Create New Update’. The same menu contains many options like manage existing posts, create updates from RSS feeds, create updates via email, bulk upload updates, bulk modify updates, bulk pause posts, and so on.

How to Schedule and Recycle Your Social Media Posts with SocialOomph

Now you will get a new screen where you can create and customize social media posts. Enter your message or web page link in the text box first. Add hashtags to target an audience of particular interests.

How to Schedule and Recycle Your Social Media Posts with SocialOomph

SocialOomph lets you replace the long ugly URLs with the integrated URL shortener services. Click the ‘Shorten Links’ button to give a professional look to your links.

You can schedule and publish the contents in different ways with SocialOomph. You can queue, schedule, define time units and instantly publish the posts. Choose a date and time to send the post to the connected channels at an exact time.

If you are not interested in scheduling and want to define the time units only, select ‘Publish the update a specific number of time units from now’ option and set a number for the unit. The content will be automatically shared based on the time frame you set.

Scroll down to set a frequency for your posting.

How to Schedule and Recycle Your Social Media Posts with SocialOomph

SocialOomph allows you to create recurring updates which can send from once every hour to once every year. It contains several options to give you total control over the social media shares. You can schedule a post once in every ‘xx’ hours, days and weeks. It is a great way to improve your content exposure and divert regular traffic to them.

Next, you have to select accounts to run the campaigns. Click an account to select or select multiple accounts by holding the Ctrl key in your keyboard. Hit the Save button.

Now SocialOomph will fetch your post images and show you in the next page. Choose an image to replace it with the default thumbnail of the post. Save your changes to schedule the post.

Visit Posting menu followed by ‘Manage Existing Updates’ to view, edit, and delete your scheduled or queued posts.

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