10 Mistakes Social Media Marketing Experts Often Make

10 Mistakes Social Media Marketing Experts Often Make

Social media stardom is a tough, hard-worked path. It takes months, mostly years for social accounts to create a reliable image amidst other social media giants. Social media gives account users, the power to spread their thoughts among million subscribers in one click. This became a major reason for those who were hobbyists initially, turned themselves into full-time social media buffs. Some small mistakes on their part and user’s social followership can slip away like the sand from one’s hand. Some of these mistakes are simple yet have a powerful impact on the results.

Here are the 10 often made mistakes by social media marketing professionals that slip from their hard eye reviews.

1. Being a Marketing Buff-Huge Mistake

Social media is obviously a great platform for product endorsements. The very moment any social media account hits its talk-of-the-town mark, it is cracked down by big companies to advertise their products. One blunder that social media experts are repeatedly observed carrying out is over-marketing.

Social media stars need to understand, there is a huge difference in referring and selling a product. Exploiting one’s own hard-earned social platform sometime brings huge setbacks. Too much product endorsement affects their social reputation to quite an extent, and in most cases, followers start to decline. The goal should be; being oneself and giving own genuine viewpoint about the product they wish to endorse.

2. Not capturing the right target audience

The social media platform has audiences with varied tastes, for all different kinds of genres available in the market. So, you must be very particular about the followers you are sharing your content with. The problem is most social expert waste energy to target the wrong audience. Therefore, it becomes very important to understand that your ship would reach its destination quicker if you are sailing on favorable weather.

3. Lack of proper Social media marketing strategy

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Even if the content is good and meets the needs of current viewership, sometimes social account does not get the required amount of followership. The mistake they make is, not devising a marketing strategy. How would viewers subscribe to the channel, if they do not know the channel exists? The possible solution is to discover innovative marketing ideas, to create a buzz. Keep a tab on every new emerging social platform and create a profile and market the content on that as well. Interacting personally with mass audiences in public places could be a great marketing plan. In the end, there should be a plan of action before starting the activity.

4. Lack of connection with the audience

Along with the line of followers comes a heavy responsibility of responding to fans and followers with optimal answers to their request. Huge management of time is required to reply to personal messages or comments. Providing no response to the fans or not replying to the comments for clarifications creates a gap between the followers and that social account. Audiences understand that they are not going to get a response every time, but it’s disheartening for followers to never get an acknowledgment of the comments or messages they post. Social experts must make sure; the hitting target was only an initial target, retaining them for long is another.

5. Ignorance of negative feedbacks

The social media users always have an “opinion to share” on the platform they have subscribed to, sometimes negative criticism as well. Social Media experts make a huge blunder either by ignoring or disapproving those comments rudely. Negative feedbacks are like mirrors which show exactly how much the content posted, by media expert, succeeded. Social Media Experts should rather be opportunistic and must act to improve if there is any scope for later.

6. Lack of content optimization

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The biggest blunder of highly acknowledged social accounts is that their owners don’t invest their time in content updating and optimization. Imagine, being served with the same dish daily for dinner. Not bringing new materials for different platforms becomes quite repetitious for followers to digest further. Social experts must keep in mind of changing trends every time they post their content on social platforms to keep the audience engaged and excited.

7. Lack of Consistency in the content

Invisibility for a long period is one more-big mistake often observed. There is a ferocious race of good content, happening throughout the social media platforms and it is attaining competition day-by-day. Consistency issues can cause a lot of followers to shift their interest to other social accounts. Social media experts must make sure, to create a pattern of content posting time, according to their comfort zone, so that viewers do not feel irregularity problems with their content; or at least inform the concerned reason to their followers before a long invisibility.

8. No proper Contingency plan for social media crises

There is never a straight path to success, and you never know how deep you might fall. When social media professionals must face setbacks on their content, sometimes recovery is quick and sometimes the damage is huge. Not having a backup plan for marketing and recovery is again a huge mistake here. One must understand stardom is not forever, applies for social media giants as well. So, having a pre-planned recovery plan, and adopting good marketing policy, could bring you back on race during hard times.

9. Lack of Proper tracking analytics

Social media experts are lacking on a regular follow-up on data analytics, of their posts, from every platform. Analysis of viewership on a month, time or specific content, can bring value addition to the work of social media experts. Possibly how will you keep followers intact, if you do not have any idea of their taste? Social media Experts are still making the mistake of not going through the analytics of viewership provided by every platform. Analytics can be utilized by social media experts to bring more viewer-centric content.

10. Ridiculing other competitive Social Experts

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Social media provides a platform to acknowledge all kinds of content. There are innumerous social media accounts displaying similar contents each represented by different account holders in his or her own unique way. This creates a rift sometimes. The competition is tough, but social media experts must not use their sabotage other account’s image. Mostly this strategy backfires since people follow more than one account for the genre, and they might leave comments more aggressively in defense. Social media experts must understand, mocking would not downgrade other accounts, but will bring one’s own followership down.

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