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3 Simple Tools to Automatically Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media

social media marketing tools

Social media is the most effective option to inform enthusiasts about your latest blog post. While sharing, use relevant hashtags to reach it among more number of audience.

It may not be practical to go for social media posting, immediately after hitting the Publish. Is there any way to automatically share contents on social networks?

A plenty of ways. In this post, we are going to show you 3 simple and lesser known ways for auto posting on social sites.

1. Feedburner

You may not need Feedburner now. There are several modern tools for sending regular emails and newsletters to the subscribers. MailChimp is popular among them.

However, create a Feedburner account if you are not holding it already. We need it.

  • Create a feed for your blog with default settings.
  • Then tap Publicize tab to enable it for social media sharing.
  • Click Socialize from Services menu in left bar.
  • You will see the option to connect your feed with Twitter (It supports Only Twitter). Feedburner lets you add any number of Twitter accounts associated with your Google account. Choose your desired Twitter profile.
  • Formatting options will be displayed at the bottom. In Hashtags box, select Create hashtags from item categories.

You will see Additional text as the next option. Enter #fb there. We need it in next app. Choose at the end of the post in next line.

Done. Now your post will be automatically shared on Twitter as soon as publishing it.

2. Selective Tweets

Selective Tweets is a third party app on Facebook for auto posting on the network. It will pull down your tweets with specific hashtags and post them on your Facebook account.

Open the app from this page and enter your Twitter user name in the box. It will ask your permission to access the profile on Twitter. Grant it.

Tap Your Pages tab. It should show page names where you have administration privileges. Enter your Twitter username once again, next to desired pages.

That’s all. The app will look for your tweets having #fb and post them on your Facebook profile and chosen pages.

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We have covered Facebook and Twitter part. IFTTT  is best and all-in-one solution for auto posting on almost any social sites. If you are not interested in above-said apps, use IFTTT only for all your needs.

You are free to use any existing applet on the service or create your own. Anyway, it should fire with your tweets that contain specific hashtags.

If you are unable to find an applet of our choice, click this link to create new.

Social Media marketing tools

Tap + button to choose your first service. Twitter in our example. It will show a couple of triggers, associated with the micro blogging site.

Choose second trigger New tweet by you with hashtag. Type #fb in the following box.

Now you get the window like this,

Social Media marketing tools

Tap + button to choose your action service. It may be LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Buffer or something else where you want to cross post the link. Choose the action type and make necessary changes, then click Create Action button. Repeat this process for all your networks.

So finally, I will tell you what we did in this post.

  • After publishing, Feedburner automatically updates your blog feed and share links on Twitter with #fb.
  • Selective Tweets will scan your tweets on real time basis. If #fb found, post the same on your Facebook profile and pages.
  • IFTTT also do the same job. It will collect your tweets having #fb with them and post on selected networks.

Hope you liked the post. Feel free to share your feedback through comments.