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How to Create a Signature Form in WordPress? (Under 5 Minutes or less)

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How to Create a Signature Form in WordPress

Sometimes we need to create and collect signed service agreements from the clients. It’s not a big issue if doing in person. But can you do the same thing with WordPress?

Yes, you can. An electronic service agreement is beneficial for both parties as it saves lots of your time and reduces the efforts. So you shouldn’t wait for a long time in processing the forms which can be done in a few moments with digital signatures.

Today we’ll tell you how to create signature forms in WordPress easily.

What is WPForms?

WPForms is #no.1 form builder plugin for WordPress. It is simple, easy to use yet powerful choice to create any kind of form. Being user-friendly and customizable, you can create and design forms as you like.

It comes with several predefined templates which you can use for contact forms, lead generation, online surveys, payment collection, etc and save more time in form building.

Creating Signature Forms with WPForms

WPForms is a world-class plugin for WordPress websites to create responsive and mobile-friendly forms. We covered its various features and functionalities in previous posts.

Follow these steps to create beautiful signature forms in WordPress using WPForms.

1. Install and activate WPForms on your WordPress website first.

WP Forms

Next, visit your Add-ons section under WPForms menu in the left pane of your WordPress dashboard. It should show all available add-ons in your WPForms license. Find Signature add-on and tap the ‘Install Addon’ button appears next to it.

The signature add-on lets users add a signature to your online contracts and petitions, just by drawing with their mouse or using a touch screen device. WPForms will convert such signatures into PNG format and attach to the corresponding form field.

If anyone wants to revise his or her signature, they can do it by clicking on the X in the field to erase the submitted signature. Thereafter, they can repeat the same process to add a fresh signature to the form.

2. Once the signature add-on is activated, create a form where you want to collect signatures from the users.

How to Create a Signature Form in WordPress

From the form editor, open your Fancy Fields section. It will list several fields like website address, phone, date, file upload, captcha, etc. that you can add to the forms as additional options.

Click the Signature field to add it to your form or simply drag and drop it to the desired place.

How to Create a Signature Form in WordPress

Click the Signature field to manage settings.

How to Create a Signature Form in WordPress

Don’t forget to put a check mark in the Required box to mark the signature submission as essential. Save changes.

3. Now you can create and publish your service agreement. Create a new page in WordPress and enter your agreement text there.

Click ‘+’ icon from the top right corner of your page editor. Search for WPForms and select your service agreement form from the drop-down box.

How to Create a Signature Form in WordPress

The form will appear on your screen and click on publish to add it to your service agreement page.

That’s it.

A service agreement form is successfully created on your website and users can submit it with their digital signatures.

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