How to Show Random Quotes in WordPress Pages and Widgets

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random quotes wordpress

“There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.”  – Nelson Mandela

This’s one of my favorite quotes which is actually said by African freedom fighter and former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. His wordings are truly inspirational and able to bring positive changes in our daily life. There’re several motivational quotes from the legends in history. They encourage us to live, face struggles, find happiness and reach top of the ladder through brilliant statements about life experiences.

Which is your favorite quote? How it brings changes in you?

Do you want to show such inspirational quotes in WordPress pages and sidebar? It’s a great idea for inspiring your readers with random quotations from leaders, scientists, writers and celebrities around the globe.

We’ll show you how to display amazing quotes in WordPress.

Showing quotes collection in WordPress

random quotes wordpress

Install Quotes Collection from WordPress plugin library. After activation, it will add a new menu in the dashboard of your website. Tap Quotes Collection menu to add, view and import your favorite quotations.

Initially, the collection will be empty as we haven’t added any quotes to the list. Click Add New tab to enter a statement.

random quotes wordpress

Type your quote in the first field followed by Author name and tags. Source field allows you to enter a source name for the sentences. Check Public box to make your quote visible to everyone. Repeat this process until you enter all required quotes.

You can display quotes anywhere on the site using a shortcode or as a widget. The shortcode is highly customizable and lets you filter statements by author name, source, tags and order them on various criteria.

[quotcoll] is the basic code to display all your quotes. Expand the code to further customize the display.

Visit plugin page for more shortcodes.

To display quotations in the form of a sidebar widget, go to Widgets area (Appearance > Widgets) and add Random Quote Widget.

random quotes wordpress

Uncheck author, source boxes to hide those fields from your quotes. Click Advanced options to filter quotes by tags and set auto-refresh interval. Save.

Now you will get this kind of box in the frontend.

random quotes wordpress

The readers will see quotes from your collection each time they visit the page. They can jump to the next statement by hitting the Next Quote link at the bottom. Know how to customize your widget and add a border around it in this post.

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