Serpstat Review: How to Increase Your Traffic Step by Step?

Serpstat Review
Serpstat is a multipurpose SEO platform for website owners. This Serpstat review helps you understand its various features and increase traffic in step by step.

If you want your online business to thrive and sell more products, you need to attract more people to your pages. The first step is to find out what your customers are looking for in search engines. Then, prepare content accordingly and optimize it using proper meta keywords, description, image attributes etc.

Traffic generation is not an overnight process. It goes through various steps from keyword research to SEO audit. You need an allrounder SEO suite like Serpstat to perform all these tasks.

Let us get started,

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What is Serpstat?


Serpstat is a great Semrush alternative to discover new keyword opportunities and optimize pages for search engines. It can also analyze backlinks of any website to uncover their best backlinks, their geographical distribution, and even malicious links, so you can remove them before your links are getting blacklisted.

Rank tracking and SEO audit are other key advantages of Serpstat. Create your projects to track positions for desktop and mobile, and find SEO issues that affect your search engine ranks. As a business owner, you may need to spy on competitors to steal their organic traffic and enrich your link building campaigns. Serpstat will give your detailed information about a domain including their organic and paid keywords, referring domains, backlink sources, and much more.

Finding keyword trends by country, language, and city will be an easy task with Serpstat. The real-time statistics keep you updated about the latest global search data, so you can prepare content and optimize campaigns accordingly.

Serpstat has built-in AI tools to generate SEO-friendly titles, meta description, paraphrase content, and detect AI content easily. It lets you add team members to manage client projects and share branded or white-label reports with others.

They have a premium technical customer support by chat or phone. You can make use of their 7-day free trial to test all platform features in advance before becoming a customer.

Key Features of Serpstat

These are the main features of Serpstat,

  • Domain analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • PPC research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Track malicious backlinks
  • Rank tracking
  • Position history
  • Batch analysis for domains, keywords
  • SEO audit
  • AI title generator
  • AI description generator
  • AI content detection
  • Keyword Trends
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword clustering
  • Task management templates
  • Reporting
  • Browser extension
  • Google ranking volatility checker
  • Indexing submission
  • Indexing inspection
  • Serpstat API
  • Premium customer support
  • 7-days free trial

Serpstat Review: Is It Good for SEO?

Serpstat was founded by Oleg Salamaha and Artem Borodatyuk in 2013. Owned by Netpeak Group, they have more than 2,00,000 active users at this time. Serpstat has a collection of 5 billion keywords and 25k keywords are added to their database every minute.

Their headquarters is located at EDRPOU 45348053, Ukraine, 65003, Odesa region, Odesa city, Chernomorskogo kozatstva str., building 13, office 501. If you have any questions or complaints, reach out to telephone +38(096)581-67-89 or [email protected].

Let us analyze key advantages of Serpstat in detail,

1. Keyword research

serpstat keyword research 1

Discover top organic keywords in your niche industry and check if they are easy to rank for or not. Learn how much you can earn for each user click and keyword. Serpstat can retrieve keywords from Google and Bing search engines for any country.

Enter your search term and select a search engine and your target location. By default, Serpstat will display results for Google search in the United States. In seconds, it will generate organic keywords that match your query. You will also know keyword difficulty, CPC, PPC competition, and search volume for each of them.

Click All keywords to watch them closely.

Serpstat high paying keywords

Open Filter from the top-right corner and set conditions to view low competition, high paying keywords. Serpstat will also tell you what related keywords your competitors are targetting in advertisement campaigns and how difficult to rank for them in sponsored results. You can export results in multiple file formats and add all or selected keywords to rank tracking, clustering, batch analysis tools from the same screen.

2. Competitor research

Competitor research serpstat

Enter a domain URL and Serpstat will tell you how much monthly traffic it gets, which of their keywords are ranking in organic and paid searches. You can track their ranking positions, search volume, CPC, and many others.

Serpstat displays graphical chart containing ranking distribution of keywords in top 100 ranking positions. It helps you understand how many of your competitor’s keywords are ranking in top 10, top 50 and top 100 positions.

Head to Subdomains section to view most popular subdomains in a website with maximum number of organic keywords. Monitor traffic and keyword trends to find whether your competitor’s business is growing or declining. Serpstat’s chart will showcase monthly traffic and keyword trends for your target domain.

serpstat top pages analysis

Scroll down through the same page to discover competitor’s most popular pages with ranking keywords and their main competitors in search results. Visit Keywords from the left sidebar to view organic keywords with position, search traffic, and other metrics you need to know. From the top, change geographical location to see your or competitor’s ranking keywords in other countries.

Serpstat gives you detailed insights of a domain including their top 20 competitors, missing keywords, PPC keywords, and ad samples. If you want to analyze your own website or competitor’s websites, Serpstat is a great choice to detect ranking keywords, backlinks, top pages, and others.

3. Backlink analysis

serpstat backlinks

Quality of backlinks determine your domain authority and search rankings. Try to build more and more authoritative backlinks to improve your content visibility and traffic.

Serpstat tracks backlinks and organize them by anchor texts, link types, attributes, etc. It will also tell you about referring domain’s authority score, number of external links in source pages, and whether it is a dofollow or no follow link. If you got links from malicious sites, it will affect your online credibility and sometimes that may invite Google penalty to your links.

serpstat malicious

Open Serpstat’s Malicious sites’s tool to view backlinks that are potentially dangerous. Check active backlinks and analyze them closely. If you think that they are safe, ignore the warning. Otherwise, export them to an Excel file and share it with your SEO team for further action.

You can also submit malicious links to Google Disavow tool to remove selected backlinks from Google database for your site.

4. Rank tracking

serpstat rank tracking

You should monitor keyword rankings very frequently to check if your content demand is increasing or decreasing. If ranking drops, your traffic and revenue will decline.

There are many reasons for ranking drops. It includes outdated information, broken external links, loss of backlinks, and competitor’s strategies. Learn your content ranks for which keywords and if ranking drops or lost for any of them, optimize texts with added information and new keywords. Serpstat can suggest related keywords and questions for your seed keyword, so it will be easy for you to locate relevant information and optimize the content.

Serpstat can monitor your ranking positions for Google and Bing in any country. It generates ranking data with position, search volume, destination URL, and others. Move to Position History to find how each keyword was performing in past months. Competitors menu will list main competitors of the tracked domain.

If you want to know each keyword is ranking for which URL, open URLs menu and you will get full information about ranking keywords in a site with destination URL, ranking position, and traffic.

5. SEO audit

serpstat seo audit

Mistakes in meta data, redirections, and errors in Robot.txt file will negatively influence your search engine performance. As a result, you will lose traffic and customers. Audit your website regularly to ensure that your pages are indexable and visible to search engine bots.

Serpstat lists all your SEO issues with high, medium, and low priority statuses. You can uncover following issues/mistakes using the tool,

  • Server status code
  • Missing description tag
  • Duplicate titles
  • Title too long
  • Description too short
  • Duplicate description
  • Duplicate H1
  • Description too long
  • Missing H1 heading
  • Multiple H1 headings
  • Flash elements on a page
  • Low word count
  • Comp redirects
  • External links don’t contain rel=”nofollow” attribute
  • Internal links contain rel=”nofollow” attribute
  • HTTPS pages lead to HTTP pages
  • Missing Schema markup
  • Page speed issues
  • AMP related issues
  • Hreflang related issues

Expand issues and affected URLs, follow suggestions to fix things and bring more visitors from search engine result pages.

6. Keyword trends

keyword trends

Serpstat can display trending keywords in Google searches on dozens of countries and cities. It delivers real-time data for the past month.

Apply filters to change search engine, city, language, and date. If you are searching for a certain keyword in the trending topic list, open filters and enter your one or more keywords in the text area, click on Filter. Then, Serpstat will tell you if your target keyword is trending in any area.

7. Keyword clustering

Keyword clustering means grouping of similar keywords in a project. Serpstat monitors added keywords and lets you know whether demand is increasing or decreasing for each of them. You can optimize existing content and create new content accordingly to attract more audience.

For instance, suppose you have an Amazon affiliate post with a target keyword ‘denim blue jackets’. Create a keyword clustering project and name it as ‘denim clothes’. Add related keywords such as denim blue shirts, denim blue jeans, denim bags, and so on. Monitor their search volume using Clustering tool and open Keyword Research, search for these keywords to analyze their current statistics.

Edit your affiliate post to add new keywords and optimize existing ones. This helps you to rank for more keywords and get more user clicks from search results.

8. Reporting

Serpstat allows you to generate branded or white-labeled reports to share with your clients. Use a predefined or saved template, add client’s company name, custom heading, description, and export it as a PDF file.

The report will contain full information about your client such as ranking distribution, traffic and keyword trends, list of competitors, backlinks, and much more. It will also list your client’s ranking keywords in different search regions and positions.

If you are running an SEO agency, Serpstat is a good choice to make a detailed investigation of client projects and generate custom reports.

Final thoughts

Serpstat is one of the best SEO tools in the market. It lets you find new keyword and product opportunities, optimize pages to make them more SEO-friendly, and track your search ranking positions from the same place.

The Site Analysis tool helps you analyze any website for their organic and PPC keywords, top subdomains, and popular pages that bring more traffic. If you are spying on a competitor’s website, collect their money-making keywords and analyze content ranking for them. Create more compelling content with added information and relevant images, which may help you to outrank top performers in organic searches.

Learn about competitor’s link building strategies and generate high-quality content backlinks from all possible sources. Backlinks play a vital role in traffic generation and website ranking. Therefor, keep building authoritative backlinks to retain your search ranking positions and boost revenue. You should also monitor backlink quality at regular intvals to make sure that there is no malicious or spammy backlinks in your link profile.

Local businesses can create and optimize their business profiles on Google Business, Yelp, and other local directories with Serpstat. It will automatically sync your information such as name, address, phone, etc across different directory services, to deliver up-to-date information to your customers and get more orders.

Serpstat is packed with all SEO tools that you need to run a successful online business. It covers keyword research, traffic analytics, backlink analysis, SEO audit, and SERP rank tracking. You can also compare multiple domains simultaneously and monitor keyword trends across the world in real-time.

Click here to visit Serpstat and choose a subscription plan for business or agency (7-day trial)

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat has three subscription plans- Individual, Team, and Agency.


  • $59/mo
  • 100 searches per day
  • 2000 results per report
  • 50,000 export rows per month
  • 5 Rank tracker and site audit projects
  • 10,000 position checks per month
  • 30,000 pages to audit
  • Maximum 5000 pages per scan
  • 1 team member
  • Chat support


  • $119/mo
  • 500 searches per day
  • 10,000 results per report
  • 250,000 export rows per month
  • 25 Rank tracker and site audit projects
  • 50,000 position checks per month
  • 150,000 pages to audit
  • Maximum 25000 pages per scan
  • 3 team members
  • Priority support
  • Search analytics API
  • Backlinks API
  • Rank tracking API
  • Site audit API
  • 200,000 API credits per month
  • Batch analysis
  • Scheduled reports
  • Branded reports


  • $479/mo
  • 5000 searches per day
  • 100,000 results per report (Website analysis)
  • 10,000 results per report (Backlink analysis)
  • 2,500,000 export rows per month
  • 250 Rank tracker and site audit projects
  • 500,000 position checks per month
  • 1,500,000 pages to audit
  • Unlimited pages per scan
  • 30 team members
  • Priority support
  • Phone support
  • Search analytics API
  • Backlinks API
  • Rank tracking API
  • Site audit API
  • 2,000,000 API credits per month
  • Batch analysis
  • Scheduled reports
  • Branded reports
  • White label reports


competitor-multiple domains

If you are looking for a Semrush alternative, Serpstat should be on the top of your bucket list. It is best for companies, agencies, freelancers, and bloggers. Their pricing is affordable for all budget types and the basic plan starts at just $59/mo with annual subscription.




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