Why Search Engine Optimization has Become the Hottest Topic in 2019?

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Search engine optimization

Most businesses and online marketers have realized the importance of search engine optimization in 2019. By now all digital marketers have understood that SEO is surely a crucial factor for effectively driving website traffic, hence, search engine optimization should be an integral part of your brand or business’s marketing strategy. If your website or its content is not perfectly search optimized for both the mobile and the desktop users, you would encounter massive issues in attracting traffic to your website.

We know that The International Search Summit which is supposed to be the only major event that is dedicated wholly to international search marketing challenges and topics have announced their upcoming meet in Boston on September 26 this year. As per the experts, it is essential for SEO agencies and even the search engine marketers to know how to efficiently manage international websites and successfully run global campaigns. Since Search Engine Optimization has become the hottest topic in 2019, the event is being organized so that SEO experts could share their tactics, tips, and valuable advice for enhancing your company’s or specific brand’s online presence even in the international marketing circuit.

As per https://www.webdetail.com, “SEO is no longer something that businesses should be considering. No, it is something that they must be doing in order to stay in the front of the pack. If you are lacking knowledge in SEO or have failed to implement SEO in your marketing strategies, then 2019 must be the year that you get it done.” You must not come up with excuses such as SEO is financially constraining, or time-consuming, etc. You need to realize that your business would continue to suffer without perfect search engine optimization.

It is a fact that search engine optimization is not really cost-effective or that it cannot be mastered overnight, but you need to invest your time, energy, and money in SEO so that your business can reach new heights of glory. Let us explore why search engine optimization is the hottest trend in the online business and marketing circuit.

Perfect SEO Implies Both Better Rankings & Enhanced User Experience

How to Combine SEO and UX to Improve Your WordPress Website

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that UX or the User Experience is today a critical ranking factor. We know that the search engines have an inclination for mobile-friendly web design, perfect integration of relevant videos and pictures, and good user signals such as low bounce rates or high time spent on site, etc. All these elements go a long way in providing a brilliant experience for all your visitors.

When you dedicate your endeavors in optimizing or boosting your website for SEO, it is obvious that you are enhancing the overall UX of your site. Always keep in mind that fantastic user experience would automatically mean more trust, higher conversion rates, and a definite boost in brand loyalty.

Organic Search Could Be Accounting for As High As 64 Percent of the website visits

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As per the findings of a study that was conducted involving more than 310 million visits to as many as 30 different websites revealed that organic search actually accounted for as much as 64 percent of the entire referral traffic. Even though some research indicates that social media apparently has overtaken search, as far as, referrals are concerned but realistically speaking, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that SEO still remains a crucial source of traffic in the case of most businesses even in 2019. You could boost your overall digital presence or fix and enhance your SEO with reliable services such as siteimprove.

Outbound Leads Cannot Match SEO Leads in Terms of Close Rates

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Experts believe that SEO leads seem to have relatively higher close rates as compared to the outbound leads. Some experts have come up with statistics that establish the fact that SEO leads culminate in a close rate of 14.6 percent on an average in comparison to the close rate of 1.7 percent on an average for outbound leads. This only means that searchers who seem to be looking for certain services or products would be making a purchase ultimately from businesses they identify via search instead of those that try to grab their attention utilizing outbound marketing strategies.

Local Search Rankings Directly Results in Increased Sales & Visits

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Suppose you are running a local business, search engine optimization is absolutely important. Today more and more customers are utilizing local search queries for identifying local businesses and even to find hours, directions, and locations.

As per Google, around 50 percent of the consumers who had successfully completed a local search typically on his mobile device actually visited a store sometime during the same day. These Google searches often culminated in higher sales. 18 percent of the local searches on your mobile resulted in a sale within just one day.

SEO Is One of the Most Competent and Outstanding Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing Trends

According to experienced marketers, SEO is supposed to be one of the most effective marketing stratagems. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of something, it is a wise decision to go back straightaway to the source.

As per the State Marketing Report of 2015 presented by the marketers who are experienced users of SEM and SEO tactics as an integral part of business promotion and sales strategy, it was revealed that 66 percent actually thought that it was ‘effective or very effective’. Just 7 percent admitted that their SEO endeavors were ‘not at all effective or not very effective.’ As per the marketing geniuses, SEO is one of the most useful and effective digital marketing stratagems.

Conclusion: SEO Impacts Every Aspect of Your Business

In 2019, you simply cannot deny the fact that search engine optimization impacts almost every aspect of running your business. Some individuals feel that SEO only helps in boosting your SERP rankings that compel several business owners to avoid SEO as they are simply not interested in enhancing their rankings. SEO could do much more than simply boost your SERO rankings. It could impact a host of things associated with your business success thus, making it a fruitful and a wise investment. SEO could positively influence the way your unique brand is actually perceived by potential buyers. SEO is helpful in boosting your organization’s reputation and goodwill in the market. A good reputation of your business cannot be bought but has to be earned.

Building a good reputation would involve a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. However, thanks to SEO, now it is very much possible to learn the tricks of and master online reputation management. You would have a sound knowledge and clear understanding of ways to utilize online reviews for your own benefit.

SEO impacts and influences dramatically customers’ purchase decisions. SEO has been responsible in creating a remarkable influence on effective lead generation as per research findings that reveal that 57 percent of the Business to Business marketers admitted and agreed that it is a fact that SEO impacts lead generation in a big way. So, businesses today give SEO its due respect in 2019 as they have realized its worth.

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