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How to Show Contents in WordPress only at a Specified Time

wordpress schedule

We know how to schedule posts on WordPress. It’s a useful feature and we use it frequently to publish posts on desired date and time. Do you know what’s the main plus point of the feature?

Do you know what’s the main plus point of the feature?

If you are a busy blogger and planning for a vacation, write and schedule a number of posts in advance. They will be published automatically at a chosen time and no one will know that you are away from the site. You won’t lose the traffic either, as the blog is updating regularly.

Okay. We said about scheduling entire posts. Now I am going to tell you about scheduling certain parts of your blog posts. Is it possible? Can we publish a post as normal and schedule certain parts to appear at a particular time? If so, what’s its usage?

Yes, it is possible. You can show some parts of content only at a specified time or for some days to the readers. After time elapses, they will vanish. This option is ideal if you’re running giveaways, quizzes in the sites. You can decide when to appear the winners’ list or question-answers and until when it should be shown.

How to schedule part of blog posts

Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Shortcodes Ultimate.

schedule wordpress

Install and activate it.

Go to Posts > Add new to create a new post or choose from the drafts. Within now, The plugin should add a new button on the screen, next to media upload.

Within now, The plugin should add a new button on the screen. Insert shortcode. Click on it.

schedule wordpress

Now a box will open with a bundle of plugin tools. Choose Scheduler, which appears last. Configure it from the following screen.

schedule wordpress

Time: Define your time range. Suppose you are entering 9-17 here, the hidden part of the post will appear 9 am to 5 pm every day. Similarly, you can set time frame in several ways.

9-12, 18-20 – Show content from 9 am to 12 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm

10:30-12:59- Example with minutes

10:00:00-12:59:59 – Example with seconds

Days of the week: To show content only on these days. 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday and so on.

1-5: Show content from Monday to Friday

1,5-7: Show content on Monday and Thursday to Saturday.

Days of the month: Show content on certain days of the month. Set the number from 1 to 30, like the previous fields.

Months: Specify months in which the content will be visible.

Years: Show content only in chosen year or years. 

Alternative text: This message will be shown to the readers if the content is not visible at the current moment. 

Content: Enter your content. Readers can see it only at the specified time and day depending on the above-mentioned settings. Other parts of the post will be visible always like a normal WordPress content.

Tap Live preview button at the bottom to verify and redesign the scheduled content. Finally, click Insert shortcode button to finish the settings. You can do the rest as usual. Make changes in the post and hit Publish.

Do remember that, your scheduled content will be visible only at the specified time. You can edit its settings any time by going to Insert shortcode > Scheduler menu.

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