How to Schedule Pinterest Pins (No Apps) to Boost Your Social Media Traffic

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How to Schedule Pinterest Pins (No Apps) to Boost Your Social Media Traffic

Do you want to schedule Pinterest Pins without using any apps?

As we explained earlier, there are several social media marketing tools that let you schedule pins for the best time to increase your social media engagement and thereby traffic. They are easy to use and you can either schedule pins or add them to your sharing queue using the apps.

Today we’re going to tell you how to schedule Pinterest Pins directly.

two factor authentication Pinterest

Sign in to your Pinterest account first.

Click the ‘+’ icon from the top navigation menu and choose ‘Create Pin’ option to upload the image that you want to schedule.

Pinterest pins

Click the upload button to select your image from the local storage. Keep in mind that schedule feature is presently available for image uploads only. If you are going for ‘Save from site’ option, the pin will be added to the chosen board instantly.

Once you selected the image, the screen will be turned like this.

Pinterest pins

Choose a Pinterest board where you want to schedule the pin. It may be your public, private or group board. I chose ‘Blogging Resources’ group board as you see in the screenshot. Enter a web address for your pin in the ‘Add the URL this pin links to’ text box.

Next, click ‘Publish at a later date’ option.

Set a date and time for the pin. Don’t forget to tap the red color ‘Save’ button finally to save and schedule the pin.

Now you will get a pop-up box for the confirmation.

Pinterest pins

That’s it.

Pinterest will do the rest and the image will appear in the chosen board at the scheduled time.

Do you schedule Pinterest pins? Which app is your favorite for Pinterest marketing?

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