How to Schedule Instagram Posts Like a Pro- The Ultimate Guide

How to Schedule Instagram Posts Like a Pro

Are you using Instagram to promote business and products?

If not, you are doing a big mistake.

Do you know why?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media site with more than 1 billion active users per month. According to recent studies, Instagram advertisements reach approximately 850M users on smartphones and desktop. So there’s no surprise with the predictions of business analysts who say that, by the end of 2020, 75% of US businesses will use Instagram to attract new customers.

It is also the second most downloaded free app from the Apple Store for iOS devices. YouTube stands at the top. This is a clear indication of Instagram’s popularity among smartphone users.

As a business owner, you should take Instagram marketing seriously and spend more time to schedule, publish, and monitor posts. But unfortunately, the photo-sharing site won’t allow you to schedule posts in advance as a built-in feature. So you should use a third-party tool to handle the job.

What is Tailwind?

Instagram marketing

Tailwind is the #1 Instagram marketing tool. It is an easy to use and highly efficient tool to manage your campaigns in photo sharing sites. From scheduling to monitoring, it will assist you in each step to boost engagement and drive maximum traffic to your pages.

Once Tailwind is connected to your Instagram account, it will analyze your audience to know when they are most active on the site. Thus it can schedule your Instagram posts at the best times to ensure maximum engagements on them. Create posts with clickable links and add relevant hashtags to reach people who might be interested in the subject. Sharing insights is another advantage of Tailwind that will help you to track, edit, and reschedule your marketing campaigns to get more benefits.

Moreover, you need not just a social media scheduling tool, but the best. Right?

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Key Features

  • Schedule photos, videos, and stories on Instagram (Desktop, Smartphones, and Chrome browser)
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Automatically posts at peak times
  • Free for new users for up to 30 scheduled Instagram posts
  • 1-click hashtag suggestions
  • Bulk uploads
  • Facebook and Pinterest cross-posting
  • Save frequently-using hashtags
  • Tag users and locations
  • Support multiple accounts
  • Photo cropping
  • Profile analytics
  • Analytics for each post
  • Drag & drop scheduled posts to change their order
  • An Instagram calendar to preview your posts
  • Content plan to engage your audience and expand the network
  • Unlimited call-In-Action buttons to create clickable links for your websites and posts to get more visits
  • Monitor your engagement score and engagement rate
  • Ability to create clickable links on your existing posts in one-click
  • Free stock photos to use for your campaigns
  • Team collaborators
  • Support by email and chat


Tailwind pricing

Tailwind costs $9.99 per account per month in annual subscription plans. If you prefer monthly payments, the cost will be $14.99 per month. So it is better to go with yearly plans which will help you to save a huge amount in Instagram marketing. They are also useful to prepare long-term content plans and grow your Instagram followers accordingly.

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*For Instagram and Pinterest, separate plans are needed

Why You Need an Instagram Business Account?

Tailwind works best with Instagram business accounts. It is free and useful to gain many features like analytics, auto-publish, appointment booking, additional contact options, etc.

Let us check how to create an Instagram business account in 5 simple steps,

  • Visit your profile in the Instagram app and tap the three-dots icon on the top to open settings
  • Choose Account settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom to locate the ‘Switch to Professional Account’ option
  • Choose Business
  • Set up your business profile and tap ‘Done’ to save.
  • That’s it.

Scheduling Instagram Posts with Tailwind

Tailwind’s new refreshing look will make to addictive to the app. It added many new features like content plans, smart schedule, smart assistant, and many others to give you total control over Instagram scheduling.

Follow these steps to create, schedule, and publish Instagram posts with Tailwind,

1. Make sure that your Tailwind account is connected to Instagram, Pinterest, and the Facebook page to automate posting.

2. Visit Tailwind and you will get a screen like this,

Schedule Instagram

Click the ‘Upload Photo/Video’ button to upload a media from your local storage. Alternatively, you can opt for the ‘Choose Free Stock Photo’ option to select a royalty-free image Unsplash. Tailwind is partnered with Unsplash to provide built-in access to millions of free stock photos that you can use in Instagram marketing campaigns.

3. Once your image is uploaded, click on the thumbnail to add a location, description, and hashtags for the post.

schedule Instagram Tailwind

Click on the thumbnail to set a mode – portrait, square, or landscape- for your image. Tag other Instagram users if needed. Tailwind lets you post to Instagram in two ways- either automatically or manually using mobile notifications. Choose the ‘Auto Post’ method to automatically publish your post at the best times.

Enter a location as next. Start typing a place name and you will get a list of places in the suggestions box that matches your keyword. Select a name.

Add a post description. Type relevant hashtags to target audience of similar interests. Click on Saved Hashtags to recollect your saved hashtags or add new hashtags to the list. Insert a webpage URL to redirect visitors and get traffic. You can also format texts to make it bold, italic, or more stylish through the format menu.

Check ‘Post hashtags in the first comment’ box to insert hashtags in the first comment (not in the description).

5. Scroll down to set a SMART.BIO link for your post. It helps visitors to quickly locate the post from your Instagram bio section and open links easily.

Tailwind allows you to cross-post Instagram content on Pinterest and connected Facebook page.

Select the Pinterest checkbox and choose a board to schedule your pin.

Tailwind schedule Pinterest pins

For Facebook, don’t forget to add a description and a post URL to get visits from your business page fans.

6. Tailwind’s SmartSchedule will analyze your audience’s Instagram engagements and show optimal time slots when you can post the content for more traffic. You can either choose one of the slots or set a custom time to schedule the post.

Finally, click on Schedule to save and schedule your Instagram post.

On the right pane, you can see all existing and upcoming Instagram posts in a grid format. Tailwind for Instagram

Tailwind lets you change the post schedule easily using drag and drop abilities. On the preview grid, drag and drop posts to change their priority or postpone publishing to a future time.

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