How to Automatically Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress

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Schedule blog posts wordpress

Bloggers usually scheduling posts for publishing in the peak times. It is a perfect strategy to get more traffic and improve user engagement on the blog.

They can make use of social media to divert instant traffic as soon as publishing a new blog post. Read 3 Simple Tools to Automatically Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media.

WordPress allows you to schedule and publish a post anytime in the future or past. It will appear in front of your readers on the chosen date and time.

We are familiar with this default feature of WordPress. Now I am going to share a different method to send your post into a publishing queue and publish it automatically like a social media marketing tool.

Schedule blog posts WordPress

Install and activate Publish to Schedule plugin on your blog. With the plugin, you don’t need to manually set a date and time when a post will be published.

After the activation, open plugin settings from Settings > Publish to Schedule to create and manage your publishing queue.

Schedule blog posts WordPress

Decide how many posts you want to publish for each day. 0 indicates no post for the day. Specify a start time and end time in between which the post should be published. Save all changes and go to WordPress post editor to see the magic.

Schedule blog posts WordPress

As shown in the image, the plugin will replace the default publish button with Pub. to Schedule button. It will also show the next available time slot based your queue settings and the exact time of publishing the post. Hit Pub. to Schedule button to schedule the post.

Still, you can schedule and publish the post for another time via WordPress schedule feature. Fill Schedule for field in the post editor with your choice of date and time. Now you will get Schedule button on the panel bottom. Click it to schedule your post.

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