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Is Salesforce the Right CRM Software for Your Business?


Boosting sales is one of, if not the primary concern of any business, be it large or small. This case has proven true in the recent years as witnessed by the boom in the number of companies offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. CRM generally refers to the practices and technologies that are used by companies to analyze customer interactions, customer data in their lifecycle and data of various other companies with the aim of building a good relationship with the customers and retaining them so as to boost the sales.

Among the common CRM software include Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics, Oracle sales cloud and Sugar CRM just to mention but a few. While all these companies offer great services, Salesforce still stands tall among its peers and has the greatest potential of being the game changer and formidable pacesetter in CRM. For any business seeking a reliable CRM, several aspects can lead you into settling on Salesforce.

Elaborate technology

Salesforce DX runs on the model view controller architectural pattern, which is meant for implementing user interfaces on computers. This is further complemented by:

  • Apex – A programming language provided to developers by Force.com platform. It bears resemblance to Java and C#. It enables you to insert custom buttons, links and event handlers.
  • Visualforce – This is the front-end with which you interact. It is pretty much similar to HTML and is compatible with most HTML annotations.
  • Lightning – Provides you with a platform on which you can build your own apps. It is also front-end and similar to HTML.

All these work together to create a stable platform, which is reliable and easy to use.

Flexible features

Salesforce offers a variety of unrivalled services in the market. These can be broken down into several broad categories: analytics cloud, commerce cloud, sales cloud, app cloud, service cloud, data cloud, marketing cloud and community cloud.

  • Community cloud enables Salesforce users to create online web properties for external collaboration to ensure seamless flow of data within the Salesforce community.
  • Analytics cloud offers you exclusive business intelligence that enables you to explore your data from any source connected to the primary Salesforce platform quickly and easily.
  • Marketing cloud provides you with an amazing opportunity to unite your marketing and sales on a single platform, together with an email marketing platform.

Every business requires a diverse software, one that can easily accomplish several tasks across different departments. Salesforce appears to deliver exactly that.


In a world where mobile devices have overtaken desktops, there is need for a CRM software that bends to this fact. The Salesforce Mobile App enables you to accomplish most tasks on your device, in a similar manner to the desktop version. It gives you full access to the dashboard including features such as the contacts, social profiles and lead generation tools.

For any business considering the adoption of a CRM software, there is need to scrutinize various features before making a decision. Owing to its popularity and constant positive feedback from users, it is undoubtable that Salesforce provides businesses with an ideal option regardless of whether it is a startup or a fully established enterprise.

Author Bio

Lucy Jones is a seasoned data analyst based in New York City. She has over 10 years experience in the field. She worked at Flosum.com and enjoys mentoring young people on technology. In case of inquiries, email her.