9 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Customer Engagement on Your Website

9 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Customer Engagement on Your WebsitePin

You have spent a lot of effort and money to build a complete website for your business, but the number of visitors to your site is not high or the bounce rate is increasing.

Without traffic, it is hard for you to sell, which thereby makes you feel bored and miss an important channel to attract customers.

Along with that, the higher the bounce rate is, the lower the website rank will be. This negatively affects SEO services as well as the ranking of the website on search engines. So, how to attract and retain customers to stay on the site longer? The article will help you answer.

Why is the Bounce Rate so High?

Some common reasons include:

  • The theme is not eye-catching. There is no highlight to create an attraction for viewers.
  • Your website has a slow loading speed. Users don’t have too much time to wait patiently for your website to load within minutes, or even more.
  • The layout of the website is not clear, or the categories are not arranged scientifically.
  • The content on the website is not in the right focus and does not bring any benefits to users.
  • The website is not compatible with mobile devices
  • SEO keywords are not deployed in the right direction. Backlink building is not effective and not closely linked to other elements on the site.

Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

1. Focus on Designing Website Themes

First and foremost, themes always are the factor that will catch the eyes of people first. In particular, it will impact on the decision to leave or stay of customers. That is why you should choose a theme that is user-friendly, has the color scheme in harmony with the overall.

Also, the product list needs to be presented clearly and specifically. Especially, you should also contain information about upcoming products for viewers to expect. Perhaps they are interested in the product and will visit more often to track product information, so you can increase the number of followers.

Besides, you can also have some additional notes to make the interface more appealing. First, minimize the effects used to avoid distracting users. These effects make the website heavier and have a slower loading speed. Secondly, you can create more free space and eliminate unnecessary information so that the main messages reach customers more easily and quickly.

2. Utilize Plugins to Grow your Sales

In addition to a charming theme, you also need necessary plugins to improve your web management speed as well as the buying experience of consumers. If doing business, your website cannot lack discount codes for customers. Those codes will be exclusive and sent only by mail, for example. However, you cannot wait for customers to register their mail, and then send codes manually. Therefore, plugins came to the throne.

3. Improve Organization and Restate Content

To make the page more attractive and intuitive, the following tips will help readers easily capture information on the page and significantly reduce the bounce rate.

Create content that your readers care about

Before writing, you have to identify questions that might be raised by the customers. And you must provide them with helpful information to solve problems,

Write longer content

Studies show that content with more than 2000 words has a higher chance of ranking and of course good content will keep customers on the page longer.

Use a clear and captivating title

Your title must express the most transparent content of the article, convey the main target and have enough attraction to the readers.

Good content structure

  • Add bullets or numbered lists if possible
  • Increase font size and line-height
  • Use an easy-to-read font
  • Bold or Italicize keywords and phrases
  • Add quality photos
  • Embed Video in article

Make the content more readable

You can cut the paragraphs so that they are not too long. An ideal paragraph should have 2-5 sentences and no more than 5 lines.

Use subheadings to subdivide the content

It’s convenient for customers to flip through all the subheadings to grasp the meaning and important content of the article.

Display content in many ways

  • Text, image, slide, video, infographic
  • There’s a search box on the page
  • Separate between text and images

4. Fast Loading Speed

Best Plugins to Speed Up WordPressPin

In previous, websites usually faced a slow loading issue. In the past few years, as technology has developed, this problem has been more thoroughly overcome. You should carefully review your website to know the number of articles, images, videos, and many other functions, from which you can choose an appropriate hosting package to ensure the fast loading speed.

According to experts, the reasonable bound rate stays at 20% – 60%. If you want customers to not leave the site, you definitely cannot ignore the above notes. When designing a sales website, you must ensure that it is fully integrated with functions and compatible with any screen whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile.

Meeting the above requirements, the increase in SEO and the domain rate is no longer too difficult.

5. Place Internal Backlinks Reasonably

Internal backlinks link from one article to another article, directory, or content on your website.

If you place internal backlinks reasonably, readers will stay on your site longer and read more of your articles by clicking on the links that interest them. This will help you increase pageview and reduce the bounce rate. These indicators will make Google appreciate your website, thereby enhancing the reliability of the website.

Noticeably, the backlinks should closely relate to the content customers are reading because they will tend to click on it.

6. Build Trust

Trust plays a crucial role in promoting contact and purchase. Even with an online business, you can build trust in the following ways:

  • Display reviews of current customers
  • Prepare compelling intro page
  • Insert fan page into the website: persuading viewers with impressive likes is also a good way. However, you should only do this if your fan page likes are from several thousand or more.
  • Certificates and achievement.

7. Proactively Communicate

By reaching customers before they need it, you are succeeding in giving customers the best experience.

It’s highly recommended to proactively send customers information about your products and services. Perhaps customers are surveying if your offers will suit their needs in the long run or not. At that time, you need to send your customers the necessary information and encourage them positively.

8. Calling for Readers’ Action

If you want users on the site to take a specific action, don’t hesitate to tell them/ This helps you reduce bounce rates.

How to increase interaction with users:

  • Encourage them to leave comments at the end of the post, like and share the post
  • Direct them to interesting videos and slides
  • As soon as they finish reading an article, you should ask them to participate in article interaction, purchase or use the service. That’s the best time to influence the buying decisions of customers.

9. Always Encourage Customers

You can raise customer engagement by giving them incentives and discounts. This also shows that you are appreciating and respecting them. Nevertheless, you should offer these incentives at an appropriate time. Don’t abuse them!

If you guess that customers are about to stop using your product because they realize your product can’t meet what they expect, let’s encourage them to stay with discounts and hot deals. Meanwhile, you strive to improve your product so it can meet the needs of your customers.

ZetaMatic designs lots of perfect plugins for displaying or delivering coupons and discount codes directly to customers’ mail when they choose to subscribe to your site. Therefore, you will no longer worry about system overload when many people sign up for your offers.


In a nutshell, those are the best tips for you to follow and update missing elements immediately to improve the website and retain customers. By doing these things, you will quickly notice your bounce rate is greatly lessened.

Remember that users have their own goals. A high bounce rate can be good if it’s the only page or last page in the conversion funnel. It’s also important to organize and record page problems and consider improving them, which helps you effectively manage bounce rate issues and keep visitors staying on the page longer.

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