How to Recycle Your Content with SocialPilot to Get Regular Traffic

How to Recycle Your Content with SocialPilot to Get Regular Traffic

Your website may have many evergreen articles. They will be informative, relevant, and can bring massive traffic to the blog. But how readers know about them?

Social networking sites. But it is difficult to find each post on our site and manually share them on social media pages at regular intervals. The process is really time-consuming and impossible especially if you have hundreds of posts. A good automation tool will reduce your marketing efforts and recycle content automatically on leading social sites.

We reviewed SocialPilot recently which is a prominent tool to share items on Facebook pages and groups, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. It is simple to use and comes with an elegant dashboard where you can manage all your marketing campaigns.

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What is SocialPilot?


SocialPilot is a great social media management tool for businesses. It is easy to configure and a powerful choice to bring traffic from leading social sites. Create posts, upload custom images or videos, add Gif files to beautify content and schedule posts at the peak time to get maximum user engagements on them. 

It is integrated with third-party tools like Canva to create custom social media images easily. Audience targetting is another feature of SocialPilot to target visitors by location. Content recycling is also there to automatically republish your content at regular intervals to get page visits without doing any additional works. SocialPilot is an affordable marketing tool that can generate huge outcome for your business.

Scheduling Recurring Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

1. Sign in to your SocialPilot account first and choose Posts from the left pane, followed by Create Post. A screen will appear with the content box and account selection options.

Enter your message or webpage link in the first box to create recurring posts. A browser extension is also available for ease of your work. Open the desired webpage and click the SocialPilot icon on the menu bar to connect your account and schedule the post.

Select your social media profiles, pages, and groups from the right pane to share.

SocialPilot scheduling

Once you selected all the destination accounts, click on the drop-down arrow of Add to Queue option. Choose the last option, Repeat Post.

2. A small box will open like this,

content recycling SocialPilot

Change the figures according to your requirement and hit the Preview button. I chose to share the same post 10 times during the 100 days period.

3. Now you can set time for each post,

SocialPilot repeat posts

Change the date and time based on the peak time in your area to get maximum clicks and engagements. Click on Schedule to save the changes.


The post will be automatically shared on the selected channels at the time you set. You can visit Posts> Manage Posts anytime to edit content or change the time.

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SocialPilot is a budget-friendly and easy to use social media management tool for businesses. It supports all leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. 

Key Features:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content recycling
  • Team management
  • Fast customer support





Ease of Use


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SocialPilot content recycling

SocialPilot: The Budget-friendly Social Media Management Tool for Businesses