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How to Read WhatsApp Messages without The Sender Knowing (6 Ways)

whatsapp messages

We all know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app among people of all generations. It can be used to send messages to any recipient around the globe, along with photos, videos and other file attachments. You will get instant confirmation when the message is delivered to other party’s mobile and finally, double blue tick mark that appears near to the sent message tell you that it’s read by the recipient. This read receipt feature is one of the main attractions of WhatsApp. Most of us like it, but some others not. They want to read the messages secretly without letting the sender know.

Now we can go through 6 best methods to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing.

1. Disable “Read Receipts”

WhatsApp let us disable the feature from the settings. Just tap on the three dots menu from the top right corner of WhatsApp screen. From there go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Read Receipts > Uncheck.

If you disabled it, you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people too.

2. Choose Flight or No data mode

When you get a message alert, just turn on Flight mode on your mobile. Otherwise switch off WiFi or Data connection before opening WhatsApp. In such a situation, it cannot connect to the cloud servers and your activities will be untraceable like as you are in incognito mode.

3. Mark as Unread

Read messages in online and go back to the main chat screen.

whatsapp messages

Just hold on desired messages to select, until a grey background covers it. Click on three dots menu at the top and choose Mark as unread option. Now the status of said messages will be changed and you will see number of unread messages along with them.

4. Preview from Notification bar

Once you get a message, WhatsApp will alert you using notification. Go to your mobile’s notification panel to get a brief idea about the received message. If it’s a small message, you can read it in full otherwise in partial before opening the app.

5. Using WhatsApp widget

WhatsApp widget is another excellent solution to read messages without sending the receipt. Keep press on your home screen to open the widget menu, Choose WhatsApp to place. Resize it according to your requirements and it will show new messages you receive in order. Similar to notifications, you are able to read messages in full or partial here.

6. Use WhatsApp pop-up

WhatsApp sends you pop-up notifications as soon as you receive a message. To activate the function, go to WhatsApp settings > Notifications > Message Notifications > Popup notification > Always show popup.

By using popups, you can read the messages without opening the app.