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How to Read Hidden Messages in Your Twitter Inbox

Twitter inbox

Do you know that even strangers can send you messages on Twitter?

Twitter inbox usually displays messages from only those people that we are following. What about other messages? Where are they going?

The microblogging site allows users to send messages to everyone on Twitter only if they are willing to accept such messages. Here’s how to turn on the feature.

Sign into your Twitter account and open Settings.

Choose Privacy and Safety section. Scroll down and locate Direct Messages.

How to Read Hidden Messages in Your Twitter Inbox 1

Check Receive Direct Messages from anyone option. Save changes. You have successfully activated the feature. Now people can send you direct messages even though you are not following them.

Twitter is slowly rolling out the feature and the new inbox is currently available only on Android. We hope desktop and iOS users will receive the update in a couple of days.

If you are an Android user, open the Twitter app and tap the message icon to access your inbox. On the bottom side, you can find out the second inbox under the nameĀ Requests.

Twitter Inbox

The messages from your non-following accounts will appear there. They won’t know you’ve seen the request until you accept it. Open a message to accept or reject the sender. Once you approved, the future messages from the same account will directly reach in your inbox.