How to Read Gmail Messages without Opening Emails

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Email trackers are common nowadays. They will inform the sender when you opened his or her email, from which device, and how many times. It may be a personal email. Some other times, it may deal with a confidential message. Once you clicked, the sender will receive a notification email with your reading activity details. Is it possible to read a Gmail message without informing the other party that you accessed the content?

It is possible if the said email doesn’t come with a tracking code. But how can you know whether a message carries a hidden tracker or not?

How to read a Gmail message without opening it?

Fortunately, Google allows you to read a message without opening it. It is known as snippets. The feature allows you to preview an email just like Google search snippets. It will show the first 2-3 sentences of an incoming message, next to the inbox subject line. So you can quickly identify the nature of the email received.

Open Gmail settings to turn on the feature (Click the gear button on the top right corner of your Gmail, choose settings from the menu). Now you are in General settings. Scroll down to the bottom to locate the Snippets option.

How to Read Gmail Messages without Opening Emails

Choose Show snippets. Click on Save Changes.

That’s it.

CheckerPlus for Gmail is a simple tool to read a Gmail message without the sender knowing. It is a Google Chrome extension, just install and activate it in your browser to start using.

CheckerPlus is a simple tool to get mail notifications, read and manage messages right from the browsing screen & without opening Gmail.

How to Read Gmail Messages without Opening Emails

Mouse hover a message to archive, mark as spam, mark as read, mark as starred, or send it to trash. Thus you can easily read a Gmail email without opening the website and notifying the sender.

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