ReactJS vs AngularJS, A Quick Comparison b/w Popular Frameworks

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ReactJS vs AngularJS

Developers get puzzled among the number of frameworks. No doubt, developing a feature-loaded application from scratch is tougher than website development. Alongside coding & customization, a developer has to deal with lots of technicalities and related issues. So, everyone needs a user-friendly toolkit to create unique apps with engaging features.

It’s not easy to customize an application with scratch work. Developers take a long time to code an app as it’s necessary to refine the code base for better performance. You can pick many frameworks if you want to develop a website but React & Angular are preferable to build up an application.

AngularJS vs ReactJS

AngularJS & ReactJS are popular web technologies from the last few decades. However, the debate on React vs Angular is still on as developers love using these frameworks for many reasons. The obvious question is that which one is better for app development, ReactJS or AngularJS? It’s quite challenging to choose between the two as both are easy-to-use & high performing.

So, just go through this article & find your answer on the basis of detailed comparison b/w ReactJS & AngularJS.

The Worldwide Popularity Graph

The majority of developers, businesses, & companies go for Angular & React frameworks. Google brought AngularJS as a fully-featured MVC framework for app development. It is based on JavaScript & HTML language. Angular has been on the list of top frameworks used to create applications since its launch in 2009.

React on the other hand is developed by Facebook & introduced as an open-source JS library, not a framework. The major reason behind the upsurging popularity graph of ReactJS is that it simplifies the process of creating apps. It follows the concept of partial update technology that allows users to update apps without reloading the page.

Both React & Angular are fully-fledged frameworks with high-performing and useful features. However, there are several ups & downs in the popularity graph between React vs Angular. A recent study reveals that:

  • AngularJS is used by 30% while 10% aspire to try their hands on this framework.

  • While 53% of users prefer ReactJS & 32% accept that they will apply it in the future.

  • Angular2 update became popular among 13% users while 43% were interested to learn it.

  • As per HotFrameworks report, AngularJS is the 2nd most preferred framework in the world.

AngularJS vs React Comparison: Pros & Cons

Angular is an open-source framework that allows you to create an app in your own style. When it comes to ReactJS, it offers options for data presentation whereas Angular lacks this feature. Another major difference b/w these two frameworks is that Angular was initially based on a Model-View-Controller pattern that later turned into Model-View-ViewModel. ReactJS follows view model for data rendering.

You will find various positive & negative points while applying Angular or React in app development. So, check out a few prime advantages & disadvantages of using these plugins:


  • AngularJS is used to create single-page applications. Its robust structure comes with various add-ons like controllers, factories, services, directives, & more. React comprises out-of-box tools to create component trees. You can update app’s view with multiple variants available in its library.

  • Angular goes well with multiple browsers & platforms. The integration of ready-made tools is a prime advantage if you go for this framework. React however comes with prompt rendering feature that allows users to keep check on DOM operations & updates.

  • Both Angular JS & Angular 2 allow two-way data binding to mitigate every data change. React is more powerful & user-friendly as it is JS-based. JavaScript always dominates over HTML specifically in terms of strength 7 usabilities.


  • No doubt, AngularJS is known for its scalability but it’s difficult to learn. Security issues remain another concern while developing an app with Angular. It’s necessary to keep an eye on app’s security that has been around since the intro of pre-rendering & Angular Universal in this framework.

  • The foremost drawback of ReactJS is that it’s not a complete set of the framework. It means that you need to go in-depth programming language to integrate UI library with a similar MVC framework.

Wrap Up!

Angular & React stands apart in terms of computer properties, simplicity, model complexity, performance, & many other factors. However, both of them work incredibly for the creation of a single-page application. You might find ReactJS simpler to use as compared to AngularJS. While there are other advantages of using AngularJS for web app development.


Jacob Colleen is the author of the above blog post. He works as a mobile app developer at Webby Central, mobile app development company in Boston. He utilizes his technical skills & expertise in mobile app development. The above article emphasizes the detailed comparison b/w AngularJS & ReactJS frameworks.

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