How to Quickly Detect Your Unfollowers on Twitter (No Apps)

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Twitter is the best place to build relationships and raise opinions. It is known as professionals’ social network as there is no scope for chit-chats and regular friendship messages. But there are some people who handle the network in an amateur way.  They follow you one day and when you started following them back, they will secretly unfollow you. Such people are not interested in building relationships but just want to increase their followers’ strength.

We can identify unfollowers or non-followers through third-party apps. We covered a detailed post on this. Hope you already read that. If not, read The Best Free Twitter Tools to Manage Your Unfollowers in 2019.

Now we are going to show another method to quickly find your non-followers on Twitter. You need not use any app for the purpose.

Find out your Twitter non-followers and unfollowers

Log in to your Twitter account first. On the top of your profile page, Twitter will show the number of tweets, number of following, followers and others. Tap the number of following to get your following list.

Now you will get their profile details like this,

unfollowers twitter

If the person is following you back, Twitter will add Follows You message next to his or her username. That message won’t appear for your non-followers. Thus you can identify whether a person follows you or not without using any apps. Mouse hover their following button to quickly unfollow them.

The same method can be applied to iPhone and Android smartphones as well. Open Twitter app on your device, go to the Following list and scroll through the profiles to locate non-followers if any.

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